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What is the Plugin Review Team? What is the Plugin Review Team?

The plugin review team is a group of volunteers who review and approve plugins newly submitted to be hosted on the official Plugin Directory. The team maintains the Plugin Reviewer Handbook and the official tools for reviewing plugins. The team also is responsible for investigating guideline infringements and behavioral issues surrounding plugins and developers throughout the community (including support forums, reviews, and WordCamps).

Our goal is to encourage and educate developers of all levels as to making the most secure and maintainable plugins available.

We can be contacted via Slack in #pluginreview or email at

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Who We Are Who We Are

The current team members are:

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Communication Communication

Public discussion on plugins happens on slack in #pluginreview

Announcements and topics for disucssion are also posted on

Weekly status reports are posted at

A private P2 is used by the administrators to discuss sensitive information and record historical data as to why plugins or developers have restricted access.

Emails are processed via HelpScout. Due to the sensitive nature of much of the information discussed, it also has limited access.