The Hosting team regularly communicates about WordPress happenings in the #hosting-community channel, and sometimes collaborates on projects!

Here are some of the ongoing efforts:

WordPress Hosting Best Practices Handbook

The handbook contains hosting recommendations for running WordPress. These were put together by the team and used as a basis for Site Health recommendations in WordPress. They’re meant both as a reference for folks learning to host WordPress, and a way to help WordPress and Hosts improve together.

How to Contribute

The next step for this project is an audit of the existing documentation.

If you’d like to contribute, feel free to make recommendations in the hosting community Slack. After you’ve made a couple of edits, the team can connect you with access to edit more directly!

WordPress Distributed Hosting Tests

The hosting team built tooling to make it possible for hosts to run the WordPress phpunit test suite on their own infrastructure, and report passing or failing tests. If tests fail on a host but not on, hosts are notified by email so that they can investigate.

How to Contribute

The next big steps for this project are to support automated updates of the test infrastructure on hosts and support of end to end tests.

If you’re interested in contributing, the two parts of the project can be found on Github, along with source and issues, and are open for pull requests: