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The REST API is an external HTTP API allowing access and manipulation of data in WordPress. For more information about the API, see the REST API Handbook.

The component is lead by @rmccue (Tech Lead) and @kadamwhite (Design Lead). Features can be tracked on the Trello board.

Meetings are held weekly at Thursday 17:00 UTC in #core-restapi .

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129 open tickets in the REST API component

129 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
5.0 11 9 2 0
5.0.1 1 0 0 0
Awaiting Review 33 25 7 1
Future Release 13 23 0 3 1 0 0 0

129 open tickets. Last 7 days: +1 ticket

21 tickets that have no replies

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  • #40399  Post Status Inherited not Supported with REST API
  • #41032  REST API: Date fields do not support ISO8601 docs rest-api
  • #41463  Improve REST API tests that don't perform any assertions rest-api
  • #41740  Add comment count to "replies" link in post responses
  • #41775  REST API: Add filter to allow creation of custom comment type
  • #42094  REST API: extend _fields parameter to selectively include nested fields in response JSON
  • #42671  REST – getting all taxonomy terms with one GET request causes division by zero warning.
  • #42762  rest_{$this->post_type}_query filter wrong place
  • #43691  class-wp-rest-server sends response body regardless of actual response code or result type rest-api
  • #43847  Cleaned "handle_featured_media" method of "WP_REST_Posts_Controller" class.
  • #44119  WP API post status queries don't work with custom public post stati
  • #44157  the comments/[id] endpoints should have the same permissions checks as the comments endpoint
  • #44326  Add relation parameter to REST API /wp/v2/posts endpoint rest-api
  • #44432  Sometimes, an array is passed to the get_callback provided to register_rest_field() instead of an object
  • #44444  CURIEs are not evaluated for link headers
  • #44702  Lack of validation for the REST request method rest-api
  • #44745  REST API: incorrect slashes in url if parent empty
  • #44825  get_rest_url does not respect query args added to get_home_url
  • #44983  REST API: Undefined-property notice when setting term parent to 0
  • #45074  Unable to use rest api if it has a query "?" in the url on Nginx. Gives "{"code":"rest_no_route","message":"No route was found matching the URL and request method","data":{"status":404}"
  • #45077  REST API: Improve term meta tests

22 tickets slated for 5.0

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  • #39953  REST API: Do not update date when preparing post if date is known to be "floating" rest-api
  • #39965  REST API: Introduce a controller for searching across post types rest-api
  • #41692  REST API does not return featured_media for Audio/Video
  • #42069  Saving metadata fails (randomly) if equal value already exists rest-api
  • #42737  Add method wp.api.getModelByType for retrieving api models javascript
  • #42864  REST API: Fire an action after items are completely inserted/updated rest-api
  • #43219 method should not send date fields for drafts
  • #43316  REST API: Support autosaves rest-api
  • #43605  Add HTTP/1.0 emulation to apiRequest() rest-api
  • #43701  Make the "read_private” cap accessible over the REST API rest-api
  • #43709  Fix or remove the "delete revision" endpoint
  • #43887  Expose Gutenberg Data Format version in the REST API rest-api
  • #43998  REST API: Permit unbounded per_page=-1 requests for authorized users rest-api
  • #44534  wp_debug_mode() does not turn off display_errors for REST requests rest-api
  • #44648  User creation even though an error is thrown
  • #44672  REST-API: invalid email on lowercase/uppercase change
  • #44750  Attributes unexpectedly lost in attachment links rest-api
  • #44789  REST API: Improved media titles when created from filename rest-api
  • #44862  Create REST API endpoints to lock, release and takeover post edition rest-api
  • #45014  REST API: Declare unfiltered_html capability using JSON Hyper Schema `targetSchema` rest-api
  • #45017  REST API: Expose permalink_template in the Posts controller rest-api
  • #45077  REST API: Improve term meta tests

129 open tickets

Open bugs: 59. View list on Trac

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