Query component

The Query component includes the following:

  • WP_Query, WP_User_Query, and WP_Comment_Query. These are the three APIs that WordPress offers for constructing complex data queries.
  • Template functions used to deterimine the kind of page currently being requested. These are the is_*() functions – is_month(), is_single(), and so on.
  • WP_Meta_Query, WP_Tax_Query, and WP_Date_Query. These are helper classes, used by the main query classes as well as third-party plugins, to construct SQL clauses related to metadata, taxonomy terms, and date ranges.

Projects for future releases

  • Improved caching. Most queries are currently cached at the level of individual items (posts, users, etc), but the IDs that result from the query are uncached. See #22176 for an example.
  • The query classes, and particularly WP_Query, contain lots of legacy code that causes problems in edge cases, makes unit testing difficult, and so on. There are various initiatives underway to clean up some of these problems. See #30911 for an example related to post_status.


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168 open tickets in the Query component

168 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
1 0 0
5.0.1 1 0 0
5.1 3 3 1
Awaiting Review 56 29 5
Future Release 27 39 3

168 open tickets. Last 7 days: +1 ticket

35 tickets that have no replies

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  • #30994  Offset return for wp_get_archives
  • #36309  Timezone issue in WP_Date_Query->build_mysql_datetime
  • #36670  Move CAST to right-hand side of comparison in meta query
  • #36907  Improved sticky post query performance
  • #36966  Search is not working with soft hyphen symbols
  • #37489  If Posts have the same datetime, the order of the post is indefinite.
  • #38703  parse_search() before pre_get_posts hook
  • #39428  Die fast in get_posts if get_user_by returns false
  • #39447  Improvment to the get_the_posts_navigation
  • #39632  Adding Query identifier attribute ui
  • #39818  Bulk Publishing Posts (from Pending State) Causes Pagination To Break
  • #39914  'orderby' date results differs depend on 'post_status'
  • #40300  `title` parameter causes `WP_Query` to return sticky posts.
  • #40327  Wrong SQL request for 'EXIST' OR 'NOT EXIST' on same post meta
  • #40341  Make search possible in custom fields
  • #40404  Slow queries with a large number of posts (tens of thousands and above) performance
  • #40903  Filtered posts_request query can break found_posts query
  • #40984  Possible Bug with Named Orderby Meta Query SQL
  • #41678  Make sure all field returns use filters in WP Query performance
  • #41700  New filter return in WP_Query performance
  • #42082  Support compare custom fields in WP_Meta_Query
  • #42732  Problem with usage of WP_Term_Query inside WP_Tax_Query
  • #43324  query_vars is not necessarely representative of the final query_vars used to build the SQL query
  • #43445  Wildcard `LIKE` support for `WP_Meta_Query` (and maybe other queries?)
  • #43831  parse_order method of WP_Query class.
  • #43842  get_children() function enhancement.
  • #44305  The 'fields' query parameter for WP_Query supports only a string docs
  • #44319  Trying to get property of non-object PHP notice will occurs if value returned from get_queried_object() is null or empty. template
  • #44372  WP_Query cannot properly order by nested Parent/Child relationships
  • #44519  Where are the pages of the headings added with the + add-on (any) ala https://wp-kama.ru/cat/wordpress/codex+xxx
  • #44602  meta_query to support FIND_IN_SET
  • #44695  WP_Term_Query unexpected 'orderby' behaviour.
  • #44737  WP_Query: in searches post_status should consider exclude_from_search
  • #44964  `redirect_guess_404_permalink` doesn't support array in `post_type` var
  • #45084  WP_Term_Query multiple 'orderby' support

7 tickets slated for 5.1

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  • #17025  wp_list_authors() is not filterable
  • #17737  Be better at forcing data types for query vars
  • #42409  Add LIKE support to meta_key comparisons in WP_Meta_Query
  • #43446  `meta_compare_key` should support more operators than `LIKE` and `=`
  • #43514  `get_pages()` DB query result not cached if nothing found
  • #44296  Enable double-width space works as a separator in search query
  • #44658  Support BETWEEN for term names in WP_Tax_Query/WP_Term_Query

168 open tickets

Open bugs: 88. View list on Trac

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