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264 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
Awaiting Review 88 69 10 0
Future Release 45 48 1 1
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264 open tickets. Last 7 days: +4 tickets

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  • #29202  Post list date fields get word-wrapped ui administration
  • #31034  delete_post capability issue in Trash
  • #31254  Post errors show success borders ui administration
  • #32824  Consistent search fields between posts and terms
  • #32983  Duplicate Posts & Picture by creating user Posts with meta/custom fields
  • #34009  Need ability to query what post_type_supports values plugins and themes might use
  • #34656  the_archive_description doesn't display the custom post type description template
  • #34706  Introduce an edit_post_{$post->post_type} action
  • #35099  New filter: `edit_link`
  • #35416  List children pages of another (in dashboard) ui administration
  • #35534  AllPosts page: search cannot be performed using characters "-" and "\" (without the quotes)
  • #35538  AllPosts page UI: link "All" has incorrect color ui
  • #35606  AllPosts page: contradiction in filtering by Category and category assigning to the post
  • #35800  Preview button for CTP not working for user with limited Capabilities administration
  • #35880  Refactor date handling in wp_insert_post()
  • #36314  If orderby undefined, alter get_posts to defer to WP_Query's default template
  • #36324  Post status labels use inconsistent grammar
  • #36634  `register_post_status()` default causes notices in post list table administration
  • #36738  No validation for $post_date_gmt parameter
  • #36979  Slug for non-public post type is working
  • #37051  New filter `wp_page_path_sql`
  • #37064  No checkbox in Posts list table for bulk action
  • #37232  Bulk action undefind on admin edit.php administration
  • #37238  Right-aligned captions with embedded iframes get removed in Visual mode
  • #37376  Make it possible for custom post type to have an archive but no single
  • #37397  Custom Post Type Category Not Working in Russian
  • #37406  Add ability to specify post_type in post_exists function – post.php
  • #37441  get_default_post_to_edit() function is broken administration
  • #37532  Cannot delete posts under a common tag administration
  • #37629  is_sticky filter hook
  • #37824  Add a bookmarklet to edit posts – a "Press This" for quickly editing posts when not logged in ui
  • #37965  Add post_last_activity column to posts database table performance
  • #38008  Fast editing and post regular edition has different post status select administration
  • #38218  Introduce a WP_Post_Type_Labels class
  • #38844  Post Type Objects and Menu Icons ui administration
  • #39089  Setting the Object Relationship Between Post Type Objects and Taxonomy Objects
  • #39443  Search Page Template the_category() bug
  • #39633  No HiDPI version for avatar in post locked modal ui javascript administration
  • #39848  New filter 'the_title_wrap'
  • #40079  Content of static pages does not show when you have a count_post in the theme template
  • #40145  Revisions sent to trash never get deleted by WordPress
  • #40255  Parameter to Enable/Disable Trash on register_post_type();
  • #40413  Handle `register_post_type` support's array
  • #40500  Adding custom capabilities to a custom post type seems to break permalink link on post edit screen
  • #40528  Title with ascii paragraph separator is not being filtered on post save administration
  • #40650  get_pages() should accept 'any' among it's post_status arg
  • #40711  WP_Post:get_instance: Update cache if $_post->filter is empty performance

264 open tickets

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