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5.1 3 2 1 6
Awaiting Review 63 43 16 0
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  • #37396  Plugin update never finishes (PHP 7, possibly due to configuration)
  • #38012  Improve data validation in plugin.php
  • #38048  Weird behaviour of "add_action('wp_login','func')" in combination with wishlist member
  • #38874  Change include of "includes/plugin-install.php" to include_once administration
  • #39474  "Update plugins" button also updates pending translations without express consent, while there's a specific button for that (Update translations). ui
  • #39772  add ajax functionality to switching tabs and pagination in plugins administration
  • #40460  Add-On Grouping for Plugin List Screen ui administration
  • #40804  Display important informations in plugins list ui administration
  • #41001  Recently Active Plugins Option does not reset when you delete a plugin.
  • #41119  Plugins failing trying to use wp_generate_password() function
  • #41627  Additional parameter for multisite activation administration multisite
  • #41638  Must-Use Plugin File Still Available With a dot at the beginning of a filename (aka supposedly hidden) ui administration
  • #42033  Allow automatic installation and updates for drop-in plugins
  • #42109  Code Editor: shouldAutocomplete not working for php
  • #42228  PHPDoc correction for /src/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php docs
  • #42455  WordPress Class methods and Single Responsibility (recent posts widgets) docs performance
  • #42536  Smoothen Plugin Updates
  • #42637  Wrong button text for plugin installation failed! ui administration
  • #42670  Symlinked plugin makes plugin_basename function return wrong basename
  • #42757  Php notice when clicking View details on a plugin from the Plugins list view (edge case)
  • #42773  Plugin/Theme editor does not return sufficient information when loopback request fails
  • #43275  Using IP address and account name as URL stops certain plugins from loading and can cause issue with admin-ajax.php
  • #43453  heartbeat_received filter requires data in order to execute javascript
  • #43505  Display of html encoded text in dashboard. javascript administration
  • #43716  Not work "option_active_plugins" filter in front-end
  • #43882  Introduce slug-specific hooks to manage plugin loading order
  • #44118  WordPress performs some unnecessary plugin update checks
  • #44248  Assignment is confusing: _get_plugin_data_markup_translate function coding-standards
  • #44249  Assignments must be the first block of code on a line coding-standards
  • #44252  Missing return statement in function uninstall_plugin coding-standards
  • #44873  Provide Additional Search Filters for Plugin in Admin Dashboard & Repository
  • #45360  Store and get hook args in WP_Hook

13 tickets slated for 5.1

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  • #14060  Misleading "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page."
  • #17133  Code Editor: Register ctrl + s event for plugin/theme editor administration
  • #40934  Allow PHP version requirements for plugins & themes ui administration
  • #41346  Introduce a hook for individual plugin loaded performance
  • #42228  PHPDoc correction for /src/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php docs
  • #43643  Properly document the `$page_hook` action docs
  • #43986  Disable "Install Plugin" button for PHP required version mismatch
  • #43987  Block plugin updates if required PHP version is not supported – Plugins screen
  • #43989  Allow plugin searches to be filtered by "Requires PHP" version information
  • #43992  Prevent activation of a plugin if its required PHP version is too high
  • #44350  Block plugin updates if required PHP version is not supported – Updates screen
  • #44363  Coding Standards: Assignments must be the first block of code on a line coding-standards
  • #45345  Hello Dolly: Don't output lyrics in block editor

181 open tickets

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