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WordPress database abstraction is implemented at wp-db.php.

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103 open tickets in the Database component

103 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request
13 13 1
5.5 3 1 0
Awaiting Review 31 23 1
Future Release 7 9 1

103 open tickets. Last 7 days: +2 tickets

32 tickets that have no replies

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  • #28139  WP MU legacy problems: missing database tables administration multisite
  • #28591  dbDelta Non-literal DEFAULT not working (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)
  • #31624  $wpdb->prepare() named placeholders
  • #31759  Allow to set $allow_bail when creating new wpdb object to handle connection error silently
  • #32868  Consider running utf8mb4 conversion on each database update
  • #35256  $wpdb->insert_id equals 0
  • #36242  wpdb set_sql_mode add param performance
  • #39273  Updating to 4.7 can break serialized data because $wpdb->determine_charset now forces utf8 when DB_CHARSET is set to utf8mb4
  • #39748  Function to insert or update DB value
  • #40150  VARCHAR/TEXT inefficiencies
  • #40779  function_exists() audit in wp-db.php
  • #42703  WP_Query: Swap parsing date into own method
  • #44292  Make use of protected process_fields
  • #44386  Problem with utf8mb4_unicode_ci collation for arabic content
  • #44973  Issues with $wpdb->get_col_info
  • #46145  dbDelta runs same updates on every execution
  • #46146  dbDelta not parsing enum correctly
  • #46179  Make fetch_array accessible in $wpdb performance
  • #46287  Add insert_ignore() method to wpdb to avoid unecessary boilerplate code
  • #46452  dbDelta given the same PRIMARY KEY and normal KEY produces no error, reports table created successfully, but the table is not created
  • #46565  Mixed engine in tables, could bring to major WP failure! Also there is a small fix that could avoid that.
  • #46576  short-circuit filter for dbDelta
  • #46739  post attributes order not working correctly
  • #46923  $wpdb->get_var() — empty sting becomes a NULL
  • #46932  dbDelta does not account for MySQL keywords being used as key names administration
  • #47818  $wpdb should update ->insert_id also when `LAST_INSERT_ID(…)` is found
  • #47994  The additions of a new wp_posts table columns called post_level and post_patriarch
  • #49363  wpdb::query() does not detect LOAD DATA as an insert statement type
  • #49364  dbDelta() should not change display width for integer data types on MySQL 8.0.17+
  • #49453  Coding Standards: Use strict comparison in wp-includes/wp-db.php coding-standards
  • #49482  Non-english slug can sometimes cause an error in WordPress query
  • #49654  maybe_drop_table

4 tickets slated for 5.5

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  • #32315  $wpdb->insert fails without error msg
  • #49453  Coding Standards: Use strict comparison in wp-includes/wp-db.php coding-standards
  • #49477  Update inline documentation for WPDB docs
  • #49690  Reconsider ja_JP usage in Tests_DB::test_locale_floats()

103 open tickets

Open bugs: 54. View list on Trac

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