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Every year a new theme is bundled with core WordPress. 4.7 will introduce the Twenty Seventeen theme, which is in development now. Follow development on the make/core blog and on Github. Want to get involved? There is a guide on how to contribute.

💬 Weekly chat Monday and Friday 16:00 UTC in the #core-themes Slack channel.

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219 open tickets in the Bundled Theme component

219 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
2 1 0 0
5.3.3 3 0 0 0
5.4 12 3 1 0
Awaiting Review 80 42 7 0
Future Release 48 18 1 1

219 open tickets. Last 7 days: +0 tickets

68 tickets that have no replies

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  • #39291  Twenty Seventeen does not allow header logo to be normal size, and header scrolls off at desktop viewport
  • #39622  Twenty Seventeen: add link to the page on theme options
  • #40457  Twenty Seventeen: Lots of space under blog post titles with one column layout on front page
  • #40492  Twenty Fifteen: Jumping if there is content just before the closing body tag javascript
  • #40526  Twenty Seventeen: section frontpage not able to save and no sidebar
  • #40940  Twenty Twelve uses invalid linear-gradient() syntax
  • #41050  Twenty Seventeen: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined in belowEntryMetaClass javascript template
  • #41182  Twenty Seventeen – author.php is missing for overriding blog author page template
  • #41527  Twenty Sixteen: Correct indentation in header.php file
  • #42035  Twenty Fourteen: Non-Responsive Sub-Menus on iPad Pro in Horizontal View
  • #42276  Twenty Seventeen: Bug with global.js (links not working) javascript
  • #42353  Twenty Seventeen: Header video does not load below 900px after resized and refreshed. ui
  • #42358  Twenty Seventeen: Social Links menu items in footer get hidden when used as child ui
  • #42848  Twenty Seventeen: Pre-sized Header Media not used
  • #43342  Twenty Seventeen: Add m.me (Messenger) icon to supported social media links ui
  • #43363  Twenty Seventeen: Custom URL for Header Video
  • #43628  Twenty Seventeen: Post title's margin-bottom on front page is too large ui
  • #45293  Bundled themes: Add editor styles for form elements
  • #45328  Twenty Seventeen: Add social icon for Wikipedia
  • #45741  Theme block style dependencies while enqueuing
  • #45899  Twenty Nineteen: Typographic scale improvements accessibility
  • #45902  Twenty Nineteen: Mobile menu isn't scrollable
  • #45904  Twenty Nineteen: .button doesn't override link color
  • #45906  Twenty Nineteen: Wide alignment does not match front-end when the sidebar is active
  • #45908  Twenty Nineteen: Add version number for all single PHP files for better handling in child themes docs
  • #45909  Twenty Nineteen: Consider syncing up font smoothing between the front end and block-based editor
  • #45916  Twenty Nineteen: Consider setting background color and foreground color together
  • #45919  Twenty Nineteen: Improve comments in `twentynineteen_setup`
  • #45921  Twenty Nineteen: Consider modifying top-level menu icons when the touch menu is active
  • #45922  Twenty Nineteen: Reduce excess space at the bottom of the page
  • #45923  Twenty Nineteen: When site tagline is empty, hide the "—" divider in the customizer.
  • #45925  Twenty Nineteen: Consider a custom hover/underline style
  • #45926  Twenty Nineteen: Metaboxes overlapping the block editor
  • #45927  Twenty Nineteen: Add starter content based on the theme demo
  • #45945  Twenty Nineteen: Consider adding a filter for the featured image color filter functionality.
  • #45985  Twenty Nineteen: Introduce better theme support for responsive images performance
  • #46151  Twenty Nineteen: add support for custom headers
  • #46158  Twenty Nineteen: Slight flash of desktop menu when closing mobile menu
  • #46177  TwentyNineteen: Add "Read More" Link Text When Using Post Excerpts
  • #46352  Using a single quote locks up UI
  • #46415  Twenty Nineteen: Responsive featured image
  • #46600  Twenty Nineteen: Flex order on comment form causes contents of comment_form_after to appear above the form ui
  • #46601  Twenty Nineteen: Add space between checkbox and text on for the cookies checkbox on comments ui
  • #46604  Twenty Seventeen: Front page panels allow pages of any status to be shown.
  • #46771  Twenty Eleven: Negative values for padding
  • #46785  Twenty Seventeen: Floated Images appear with extra space on top on the front end.
  • #47030  Twenty Nineteen: Elements Margins inside Media & Text and Cover Blocks are not matching the theme content margins ui
  • #47460  Twenty Nineteen: heading style breaks headings in content added by core or plugins in the front end
  • #48195  Twenty Seventeen: Scaling Issue on Front Page Parallax Image Using Safari on iPadOS
  • #48282  Twenty Nineteen: Captioned image is not aligned correctly on IE11 css
  • #48646  Twenty Twenty: Problem with fade-out effect of mobile menu javascript
  • #48697  Twenty Nineteen – Linked Image Block Images Display Issue
  • #48726  Twenty Twenty: Wrong Text Color for Background Color & Subtle Background when used as background color for blocks css
  • #48729  Twenty Twenty: Margin reset for first-child and last-child is overridden for heading and blocks with alignment css
  • #48730  Twenty Twenty: Wide and Full Width blocks top and bottoms margins don't respect original design causing layout issues css
  • #48731  Twenty Twenty: Full width group side padding issues css
  • #48732  Twenty Seventeen is throwing a JS error on page display when a sidebar hasn't been setup. javascript coding-standards
  • #48802  Twenty Twenty: Fixed Background Image on Cover template bugs on iPad
  • #48837  Twenty Twenty: Wrong cover height in Chrome mobile
  • #48861  Twenty Seventeen inserts an empty .entry-footer content for custom post type posts with no taxonomy
  • #48950  Twenty Twenty: Add Customizer option to switch to a system font performance
  • #49008  Twenty Twenty: Design issue in Customizer on iPad ui css administration
  • #49009  Twenty Twenty: Design issue in Customizer on iPhone 6/7/8 ui css administration
  • #49052  Coding Standards: twentynineteen/inc/template-functions.php coding-standards
  • #49075  Twenty Twenty: Inserted images not responsive at smaller browser widths
  • #49111  Twenty Twenty: Featured Image slightly off center on desktop at certain window width
  • #49113  Twenty Twenty, Version 1.1, Font is overritten in p-Tags template
  • #49154  twenty twenty: group blocks do not clear children css

16 tickets slated for 5.4

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  • #30439  Twenty Fourteen: Social Menu
  • #45907  Twenty Nineteen: Right-aligned, uncaptioned images inserted via the Classic Editor do not extend beyond the text column
  • #45928  Twenty Nineteen: Add a filter to the $primary_color variable
  • #45984  Twenty Nineteen: Improve code organisation in template-functions.php
  • #47019  Twenty Sixteen: Text color setting in pullquote block not applied
  • #47948  Twenty Eleven: circle mask image blocks are cut off
  • #48526  TwentyNineteen: Update margins in editor styles to address upcoming block editor margin changes
  • #48552  Twenty Twenty: Add theme support for responsive embeds
  • #48617  Twenty Twenty: Figure elements with inline style can overflow content bounds
  • #48637  Twenty Twenty: The use of word-break: break-word; causes vertical words with css grid min-width. ui css
  • #48691  Twenty Twenty: Audio block alignment issue ui css
  • #48722  Twenty Sixteen shows redundant borders for table in 5.3 css
  • #48970  Twenty Twenty : Menu rendering problem Unicode (Bangla) css
  • #49075  Twenty Twenty: Inserted images not responsive at smaller browser widths
  • #49098  Twenty Twenty: Add social icon for WhatsApp
  • #49190  Twenty Twenty: Remove unnecessary escaping for get_the_title()

219 open tickets

Open bugs: 145. View list on Trac

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