Build/Test Tools component

The Build/Test Tools component upcoming roadmap includes, but not limited to the following during the 4.4 cycle:

Enhance unit tests for persistent object caching in #31491


Test Coverage
Building on wonderboymusic‘s previous static code analysis using Scrutinizer in #33491 we’ll extend this to include test coverage analysis.

Travis CI
We’re already ready for PHP7 when it’s released, but we’ll throw the switch at the same time in #33410, we’re also going to start testing against an array of database versions and vendors including MariaDB, see #30462

Split Gruntfile.js into multiple files in #29883, optimize PNG and SVG image files in #30587, and add comments to files automatically created in #30666.

Furthering our CSS Roadmap and adding CSS linting in #29792 and likewise for SCSS in #26905

Improve grunt watch processing of JS files in #31911


Sync with GitHub, see #meta633

There are several documentation mini projects covering using all of the above and improving our Git docs alongside existing SVN documentation.

70 open tickets in the Build/Test Tools component

70 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
4.8 1 1 0 7
Awaiting Review 11 12 0 1
Future Release 16 15 1 3 1 1 0 0

70 open tickets. Last 7 days: +2 tickets

19 tickets that have no replies

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  • #29066  Grunt clean:dynamic task does not delete file/s from /build during grunt watch task
  • #34185  Excluding certain PHPUnit test groups results in "Database is dead" notice and tests terminate
  • #36190  Support running grunt phpunit tasks inside Vagrant environments
  • #36786  Can't pass filter names to `MockAction::get_call_count()`
  • #37117  Upgrade QUnit to 2.0.0
  • #37261  Consider removing the `$start` argument from `WP_UnitTest_Generator_Sequence`
  • #37375  Several test setUp() methods don't call parent::setUp()
  • #37521  Introduce a procedure for deprecating code used in Unit Tests
  • #37605  Change `private` member access to `protected` in `MakePOT` class
  • #38032  dbDelta() unit tests lock on MySQL 8.0
  • #38266  Tests: Use assertSame() when the type of the value in the assertion is important
  • #38716  Miscellaneous test suite improvements
  • #39159  Add APC to automated test matrix
  • #39975  Remove direct calls to '/tmp/' in Unit Tests
  • #39998  Remove unneeded use of wpdb_exposed_methods_for_testing
  • #40281  Improve Documentation for HTTP Unit Testing docs
  • #40532  Find a workaround for unit tests that have a dependency on XDebug
  • #40533  Avoid test skipping for situations that are actually errors or failures
  • #40538  Fix or remove useless PHPUnit tests

9 tickets slated for 4.8

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  • #35105  Specifiy minimum node and npm version in package.json
  • #39356  grunt precommit doesn't work on full checkouts of develop.svn
  • #40106  Test the 3.7 branch on Travis
  • #40109  Ensure PHP 7.2 compatibility in tests (and core)
  • #40531  Avoid test skipping for multisite only or single site only tests multisite
  • #40533  Avoid test skipping for situations that are actually errors or failures
  • #40538  Fix or remove useless PHPUnit tests
  • #40548  Remove HHVM from the test matrix on Travis
  • #40549  Add jshint to Travis CI 3.8 branch build jobs

70 open tickets

Open bugs: 29. View list on Trac

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