Build/Test Tools component

The Build/Test Tools component upcoming roadmap includes, but not limited to the following during the 4.4 cycle:

Enhance unit tests for persistent object caching in #31491


Test Coverage
Building on wonderboymusic‘s previous static code analysis using Scrutinizer in #33491 we’ll extend this to include test coverage analysis.

Travis CI
We’re already ready for PHP7 when it’s released, but we’ll throw the switch at the same time in #33410, we’re also going to start testing against an array of database versions and vendors including MariaDB, see #30462

Split Gruntfile.js into multiple files in #29883, optimize PNG and SVG image files in #30587, and add comments to files automatically created in #30666.

Furthering our CSS Roadmap and adding CSS linting in #29792 and likewise for SCSS in #26905

There are several documentation mini projects covering using all of the above and improving our Git docs alongside existing SVN documentation.

113 open tickets in the Build/Test Tools component

113 open tickets defect (bug) enhancement feature request task (blessed)
5.0 8 2 0 3
5.1 10 6 0 6
Awaiting Review 18 19 0 2
Future Release 15 13 1 8 1 1 0 0

113 open tickets. Last 7 days: -1 ticket

25 tickets that have no replies

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  • #29066  Grunt clean:dynamic task does not delete file/s from /build during grunt watch task
  • #34185  Excluding certain PHPUnit test groups results in "Database is dead" notice and tests terminate
  • #36190  Support running grunt phpunit tasks inside Vagrant environments
  • #36786  Can't pass filter names to `MockAction::get_call_count()`
  • #37261  Consider removing the `$start` argument from `WP_UnitTest_Generator_Sequence`
  • #37521  Introduce a procedure for deprecating code used in Unit Tests
  • #37605  Change `private` member access to `protected` in `MakePOT` class
  • #38032  dbDelta() unit tests lock on MySQL 8.0
  • #38266  Tests: Use assertSame() when the type of the value in the assertion is important
  • #38716  Miscellaneous test suite improvements
  • #39159  Add APC to automated test matrix
  • #39998  Remove unneeded use of wpdb_exposed_methods_for_testing
  • #40281  Improve Documentation for HTTP Unit Testing docs
  • #41015  moving site with index.php
  • #41781  do not forcefully phpunit delete fixtures data performance
  • #42076  Allow the external HTTP tests to run internally
  • #42387  Trim the Travis CI job matrix even further for older branches
  • #42388  Remove failing tests from the 3.9 branch
  • #42990  Deprecate WP_UnitTestCase::_make_attachment
  • #44276  Add AppVeyor Windows-based CI (Continuous Integration) Service
  • #44351  Fix "Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed" when running unit tests
  • #44390  PHPUnit tutorial page lacking build vital step docs
  • #44496  Correct documentation of hook back and restore methods in the main test case docs
  • #45149  Configure NPM to save exact versions
  • #45241  Build Tools: Switch to using Node 10.13 for building

35 tickets slated for 5.1

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  • #31823  Add ESLint integration javascript
  • #37375  Several test setUp() methods don't call parent::setUp()
  • #38603  Explore adding Yarn and a `yarn.lock` file for NPM module management
  • #41870  Code Editor: Add grunt task for building new CodeMirror bundles from external dependencies javascript
  • #41978  `_delete_all_data()` does not delete attachment files
  • #42009  Fix tests for the wptextpattern TinyMCE plugin
  • #42093  Improve handling of SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL test coverage multisite
  • #42278  Speed up tests by using shared user fixtures
  • #42387  Trim the Travis CI job matrix even further for older branches
  • #42808  Remove old style PHPCS ignore comments coding-standards
  • #42811  Run the PHP 5.2 Travis job with the MySQL Extension
  • #42904  Speed up unit tests by disabling password hashing
  • #43218  PHPUnit 7.x support
  • #43411  Remove `vendor` file name entry from `.gitignore`
  • #43432  Streamline tests with installation skips
  • #43732  Improve wording on notice preventing development from src directory. ui javascript
  • #43828  Add JSDoc ESLint script javascript
  • #44246  Add `check-node-version` to check required Node.js and npm versions are installed
  • #44276  Add AppVeyor Windows-based CI (Continuous Integration) Service
  • #44328  grunt watch does not include cssmin; changes to css files in src are copied to build but not minified
  • #44492  Add new build:dev task which symlinks all files that can be symlinked
  • #44496  Correct documentation of hook back and restore methods in the main test case docs
  • #44521  Add documentation to the PHPUnit factory objects docs
  • #44600  Update WPCS to 1.0.0, and enforce coding standards coding-standards
  • #44771  Update Travis CI build matrix for PHP 7.3
  • #45080  Update Autoprefixer
  • #45081  Update grunt-contrib-imagemin
  • #45119  Add a way to build packages scripts to `/src` folder. javascript
  • #45131  Paths are incorrect in multisite.xml multisite
  • #45145  Keep `@wordpress` packages up to date
  • #45149  Configure NPM to save exact versions
  • #45156  SCRIPT_DEBUG with 5.0 Beta 1 for Blocks Assets javascript
  • #45201  Exclude JavaScript source maps from build
  • #45214  Add a build npm script
  • #45241  Build Tools: Switch to using Node 10.13 for building

113 open tickets

Open bugs: 52. View list on Trac

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