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5.5 21 8 0 0
Awaiting Review 72 77 7 2
Future Release 46 40 4 5

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  • #32922  Dashboard Widget API Widget Sorting administration
  • #33296  Allow sites to skip a query in meta_form() that can delay loading the page performance
  • #34236  Better passwords – differences between setting and resetting password?
  • #34366  View mode user setting applies to all post types
  • #34564  WP_List_Table::get_column_info() inefficient
  • #35717  Audit the .icon16 selectors in admin-menu.css ui
  • #36470  Multisite – network sites list not very memory efficient
  • #36512  Color picker has disappeared from input in custom post type. ui javascript
  • #37012  Remove non hierarchical test for sticky in post table hidden fields
  • #37021  heartbeat goes bonkers and spams host with ajax requests every few seconds javascript
  • #37101  Linux symbolic link support for wordpress [GITHUB PULL REQUEST #219] multisite
  • #37445  Allow to adjust the `$in_admin` property of `WP_Screen` multisite
  • #37578  Dashboard Recent Activity widget – new filters to manipulate output ui administration
  • #37712  Opacity not applied to admin menu icon when it selected ui
  • #38076  Network admin plugin pages can be accessed on non-multisite multisite
  • #38097  Add ability to Settings API to assign positioning
  • #38968  Adminbar loses background-color partially when getting wide and breaking line ui administration
  • #39762  Change in DOM Element Properties as seen in Javascript Event Handlers Between 4.6.2 and 4.7+ javascript administration
  • #40001  Replace wp-list.js with REST API-powered JavaScript rest-api
  • #40260  Consider to remove some left overs from the old jQuery.suggest
  • #40686  CSS: introduce naming and usage conventions for JS targeting ui
  • #41688  Wrong term pagination when altering the term query in custom taxonomy terms list ui administration template
  • #42066  List tables: consider a new method to generate the views links markup
  • #42080  get_site_url() does not always return the appropriate protocol administration multisite
  • #42446  Bulk edits don't update "last edited by…" which user administration
  • #42833  WordPress forces non-ssl login in described circumstance even though FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is set in wp-config
  • #42916  Terms for taxonomy with show_in_quick_edit = false still load in inline data performance
  • #43071  User without the ability to publish are unable to edit post status
  • #43130  Add New Site: admin autocomplete search all users
  • #43303  Providing hooks for html table markups in do_settings_{sections|fields} ui administration
  • #43366  _default_wp_die_handler() Need filter code for update css style.
  • #43611  Duplicate _ajax_nonce input cause conflict between find_post_div and post_custom_div administration
  • #43630  HAVING without GROUP BY in /wp-admin/includes/template.php template
  • #44959  Change @deprecated DocBlock tag for the install_themes_feature_list() function docs
  • #44971  Enable WP_Community_Events to find cached events even if it's instantiated without a user location performance
  • #45135  Dashboard Menu Conflict on Mobile Devices when menu is active ui
  • #45313  Multisite site deletion email contains misleading language about user account multisite
  • #45810  JavaScript type comparison should not lead to a type coercion javascript coding-standards
  • #46082  Why returning $menu_array[x] instead of $title
  • #46346  WP_List_Table calculates total_pages as a float
  • #46614  Category/tag/taxonomy names on admin screens
  • #46659  Suggestion: add action hook before admin menu nav in the sidebar
  • #47111  Dynamically added notifications need ARIA role alert or status ui accessibility
  • #47167  admin css double min-width selector ui
  • #47310  Add Column Taxonomy Links Filter to Media List Table
  • #47890  Indentation within Post Publish (Classic Editor) and Comment Save Metaboxes: ui administration
  • #48030  HTML5 input types are not being reset when submitting the addtag form ui javascript administration
  • #48048  Parent pages are not visible in the Page Attributes metabox
  • #48187  Missing admin color scheme causes incorrect body class
  • #48367  wp-admin wrong links when doing php serve
  • #48385  Gutenberg blocks in the WP admin dashboard administration
  • #48470  Remove the Custom Header and Custom Background admin pages
  • #49238  Need correction in sentence wp-admin/options-writing.php file ui-copy
  • #49259  Improper Cache control administration
  • #49569  Found Horizontal Scroll Issue in WordPress Core Version 5.3.2 on desktop ui css
  • #49575  Responsive glitch with expanded side admin menu when moving down to small screen ui
  • #49694  All pages menu on admin panel has DOM errors ui administration

29 tickets slated for 5.5

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  • #19278  Allow WP_List_Table ::get_bulk_items() to receive a nested array and output optgroups ui administration
  • #24447  Avoid losing data after nonces expire
  • #24545  Fix Admin Layout When Displaying Errors ui administration
  • #26350  !important audit ui css performance
  • #35155  Error messages still get covered over by wp admin menu. ui administration
  • #35288  Search Engines Discouraged message improvements ui
  • #35391  Remove title attributes: the Posts Date column full date and time ui accessibility
  • #37145  Admin submenu opens underneeth editor link tool ui administration
  • #37384  Text alignment in options-discussion.php ui administration
  • #40244  Inconsistent casing in the list table select filters ui
  • #40330  Reconsider the usage of infinite scrolling across the admin ui accessibility javascript
  • #44213  Tab order in Tools ui administration
  • #45089  Update WP_List_Table::get_sortable_columns() to support 'asc' and 'desc' arguments administration
  • #45810  JavaScript type comparison should not lead to a type coercion javascript coding-standards
  • #46081  get_admin_page_title() returns nothing administration
  • #46418  Use wp_die() instead of die() function in wordpress
  • #47156  Consider a way to clear the wp.a11y.speak() live regions accessibility javascript
  • #47171  Incorrect cursor used on buttons ui accessibility
  • #47327  Avoid italic text for better accessibility and readability ui accessibility
  • #47369  Admin pages have two viewport meta tags on mobile administration template
  • #47541  Improve Messaging for Empty Dashboard State ui administration
  • #47569  Remove unnecessary !important from wp-admin/css/common.css ui administration
  • #47682  The links "hover" color has insufficient color contrast ui accessibility
  • #48531  Regression: styling of most form elements is uneven or off-center ui css administration
  • #48709  Disabled button doesn't look disabled ui administration
  • #48751  Make the list table "action links" always visible or provide an option for that ui accessibility javascript css
  • #49126  Update needed in wp-admin/includes/template.php administration coding-standards
  • #49288  Metabox holders missing their border and "Drag boxes here" text ui accessibility administration
  • #49691  opcache and restrict_api administration

368 open tickets

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