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Schedule, Focus, Features

4.6 opened for commit on April 13th and is currently scheduled for August 16th of 2016. The release is lead by Dominik Schilling (@ocean90) and Garth Mortensen (@voldemortensen). The focus will be on fixing bugs and refining existing features. Other goals are to try improving collaboration between teams of features/components, communication to the outside via make/core.

The following table includes tickets from the community wish list and by core committers.

Community Wish List

ID Summary Component Type
#35133 Make the admin menu more flexible in width Administration enhancement
#32396 Settings Reduction Administration enhancement
#35774 WordPress admin <title> structure Administration enhancement
#16708 Taxonomy checkboxes to radio buttons Administration feature request
#25669 Introduce helper function for AJAX checks Bootstrap/Load enhancement
#25137 Enable safe mode to run WordPress without loading plugins Bootstrap/Load feature request
#34106 Comments should have real permalinks Comments defect (bug)
#22198 Realigning the Discussions Settings page Comments enhancement
#27111 Turning off global comments should include existing content Comments enhancement
#16252 Allow comment reparenting to fix poor threading Comments feature request
#34923 Introduce basic content authorship in the Customizer Customize enhancement
#18584 Nav menus need more hooks for extensibility (on admin page & in customizer) Customize enhancement
#35827 Customizer: Create a dropzone for adding images Customize enhancement
#18623 Allow themes to pre-register multiple custom backgrounds Customize feature request
#34062 The WXR export tool should export terms metadata Export enhancement
#22435 Export API Export enhancement
#32802 Update Masonry (v3.3.2) & imagesLoaded (v3.2.0) package External Libraries enhancement
#24846 Usage of a shortcode disables wpautop filter Formatting defect (bug)
#4539 Abbreviated year followed by punctuation or markup doesn’t texturize Formatting defect (bug)
#28449 Prevent widows Formatting enhancement
#30130 Normalize characters with combining marks to precomposed characters Formatting enhancement
#13429 Updating Link URL on image within Admin with Gallery Gallery defect (bug)
#21667 Add some user agent to wp_is_mobile General enhancement
#36335 Next generation: core autoloader proposal General feature request
#34053 HTTP API (Curl backend) inappropriately sends Content-Length header on POST requests made through a proxy server CONNECT HTTP API defect (bug)
#33073 Some strings need “no HTML entities” translator comments I18N enhancement
#34625 wp-login.php site title link points to Login and Registration defect (bug)
#15384 wp-login.php refactor Login and Registration enhancement
#34401 Search mechanisms complaning of access denied error on wp-login.php?action=logout Login and Registration enhancement
#22139 Hooks for wp-login customization Login and Registration enhancement
#22837 WP Needs to Set “Sender” and “Reply-To” or DKIM/DMARC will not work using wp-mail (via PHPMailer) Mail defect (bug)
#21659 wp_mail() problem with Reply-To header Mail defect (bug)
#29513 Move heavy lifting of wp_mail() to child class of PHPMailer Mail enhancement
#22942 Remove Post by Email Mail enhancement
#32378 Image Uploads automatically puts “Olympus Digital Camera” as caption Media defect (bug)
#22938 Presentation of hierarchical taxonomy in Media modal should be checkboxes rather than comma-separated tag list Media enhancement
#21295 Retroactively generate new images sizes if requested Media enhancement
#31050 Better PDF Upload Management Media feature request
#13910 Get Menu name with wp_nav_menu() Menus feature request
#35791 WP_Site_Query class Networks and Sites task (blessed)
#31245 Replace alloptions with a key cache Options, Meta APIs enhancement
#17817 do_action/apply_filters/etc. recursion on same filter kills underlying call Plugins defect (bug)
#20578 Allow users to delete a plugin without uninstalling Plugins enhancement
#12718 Better structure for admin menu Plugins enhancement
#15691 Network admin should have its own settings API Plugins feature request
#32101 Ability to mark plugin as unmanaged Plugins task (blessed)
#30352 Prevent an editor to move the front page / posts page to trash Posts, Post Types defect (bug)
#8592 Private Pages not listed in the Parent dropdown Posts, Post Types enhancement
#34982 New algorithm for displaying a hierarchical list of post objects in the WP_Posts_List_Table is incomplete Posts, Post Types enhancement
#18375 Post type templates Posts, Post Types enhancement
#12955 Add get_post filter Posts, Post Types feature request
#12706 Custom post status bugs in the admin Posts, Post Types task (blessed)
#16379 Better UI for doing “Page on Front” Posts, Post Types task (blessed)
#29660 Functions in wp_includes/query.php assume non-null return value from get_queried_object Query defect (bug)
#25473 wp_text_diff creates wrong number of columns if title arguments are set Revisions defect (bug)
#23314 Allow published posts to be revised without being updated immediately Revisions enhancement
#20564 Framework for storing revisions of Post Meta Revisions enhancement
#21374 Add core support for letting custom permalink structure for different post types Rewrite Rules enhancement
#30579 wp_enqueue_style in footer Script Loader enhancement
#34292 Support for DNS Prefetching & Prerender Script Loader feature request
#21022 Allow bcrypt to be enabled via filter for pass hashing Security enhancement
#26475 Hierarchical meta box display issues when messing around with new terms Taxonomy defect (bug)
#9777 Usability : add delete button to edit-tags.php Taxonomy enhancement
#23421 Add sortable to taxonomy column Taxonomy enhancement
#36574 Redesign term pages Taxonomy enhancement
#14877 Ability to create exclusive custom taxonomies Taxonomy feature request
#5034 Impossible to have duplicate category slugs with different parents Taxonomy feature request
#35736 Replace ‘Lost Password’ phrase with ‘Reset Password’ Text Changes defect (bug)
#34521 Unifying permission error messages Text Changes enhancement
#31779 Warn users before using a built-in file editor for the first time Themes enhancement
#30797 New function for parent theme stylesheet uri Themes enhancement
#22355 Template stack – Beyond parent/child theme relationships Themes enhancement
#33407 Theme tags overhaul Themes enhancement
#14310 Make template hierarchy filterable Themes enhancement
#19627 Themes should be able to opt-in to a static front page Themes feature request
#33472 Templating Engine Themes feature request
#27159 Removing TinyMCE buttons to improve user experience TinyMCE enhancement
#32678 Audit toolbar links and content Toolbar enhancement
#24579 Add Drag’n’Drop UI to plugin and theme manual uploaders Upgrade/Install enhancement
#33932 Filters for Plugin/Theme Update Email Notifications Upgrade/Install enhancement
#15955 move_uploaded_file mangles non-ascii characters on Windows platforms Upload defect (bug)
#22363 Accents in attachment filenames should be sanitized Upload defect (bug)
#35669 Store widgets in a custom post type instead of options Widgets enhancement
#21165 Make categories widget work with custom taxonomies Widgets enhancement
#36532 Allow Reordering of Available Widgets Widgets enhancement
#32417 Add new core media widget Widgets feature request
#4280 Allow to constrain widgets being displayed on certain page types only Widgets feature request

Tickets by Committers/Component Maintainers

ID Summary Component Type
#36264 Make wpList easier to contribute to Administration enhancement
#34941 Make the main bootstrap process in ms-settings.php testable Bootstrap/Load enhancement
#36380 Moderate Comment screen no longer displays raw content Comments defect (bug)
#35501 Dashboard page: incorrect work of “Activity” group box bottom counters Comments defect (bug)
#35518 Dashboard page: No “view” link for approved comment Comments defect (bug)
#35519 Dashboard At a Glance: comment counter isn’t updated if to approve comment Comments defect (bug)
#33717 Send Notification Email When a Comment is Approved From Moderation Comments feature request
#35214 Custom Comment Types Comments task (blessed)
#34391 Harden panel/section UI code by removing contents from being logically nested (read: goodbye margin-top hacks) Customize defect (bug)
#34893 Improve Customizer setting validation model Customize enhancement
#36175 Simplify the Customizer Image Control action buttons Customize enhancement
#34923 Introduce basic content authorship in the Customizer Customize enhancement
#35210 Add notification area to Customizer Customize enhancement
#29932 There is no error reporting in the Customizer Customize enhancement
#30937 Add Customizer transactions Customize feature request
#34115 oEmbed not working on author page without posts Embeds enhancement
#35567 New argument `is_embeddable` for `register_post_type()` Embeds enhancement
#12267 Upgrade loop objects to provide identical presentational interfaces General enhancement
#21170 JavaScript actions and filters General feature request
#36335 Next generation: core autoloader proposal General feature request
#33055 Support Parallel HTTP Requests in WP_Http, et al HTTP API task (blessed)
#20491 Introduce some JavaScript i18n functions I18N enhancement
#34114 Remove the requirement to call load_plugin_textdomain() or load_theme_textdomain() I18N enhancement
#22229 Plurals in JavaScript I18N enhancement
#35791 WP_Site_Query class Networks and Sites task (blessed)
#31245 Replace alloptions with a key cache Options, Meta APIs enhancement
#35658 Provide additional data for registered meta through register_meta() Options, Meta APIs enhancement
#13459 Conflict between post and page slugs/permalinks when permalink setting is set to /%postname%/ Permalinks defect (bug)
#20578 Allow users to delete a plugin without uninstalling Plugins enhancement
#36217 WP_Post_Type class Posts, Post Types enhancement
#36292 Rewrites: Next Generation Rewrite Rules feature request
#32358 Add unminified jQuery to core for better debugging with SCRIPT_DEBUG enabled Script Loader feature request
#35381 Introduce `WP_Term_Query` Taxonomy defect (bug)
#36224 WP_Taxonomy class Taxonomy enhancement
#18146 Add user-level timezone setting Users feature request
#28216 Allow to register pre-instantiated widgets Widgets defect (bug)
#35574 Add REST API JSON schema information to WP_Widget Widgets enhancement