Revitalizing the Showcase

Showcase Content Moderation Efforts

The Showcase aims to show the world what can be done with WordPress and help demonstrate the capabilities of WordPress as a publishing platform with a vast array of use cases of sites for personal bloggers and small businesses to enterprise companies and national governments.

With efforts made throughout 2022 to highlight the incredible capabilities of the WordPress platform, solidifying its values and identity, many eyes have been drawn to the opportunity that it presents. 

WordPress is a brand that many people are unaware of, but interact with daily. Within the WordPress ecosystem, it’s known for its flexibility, popularity, and freedom to own one’s content. From personal blogs to enterprise websites, millions of sites are powered by WordPress. To highlight the power and breadth of the CMS, the project ought to showcase stunning and unique sites from all across the open web. What better way for WordPress to become a household name than to share and celebrate some of those stories? 

The showcase represents the best of what’s possible with WordPress. Infinite possibilities of what you can create on the platform. Millions of sites could make it. Great, right? There are already some guidelines in place for submissions. A little more polish through a few updates could have added benefits to the collection. There are lessons from the guidelines for Moderating Photos that can serve as a beneficial example. First, remember that keeping the guidelines flexible and short can encourage people to submit. Second, it would be overly prescriptive to say things ought to be from specific categories or regions. By design, the Showcase should be diverse in every sense. 

Knowing what’s worked well for the Project in the past, like the WP Photo Directory, while aligning it to WordPress brand values will make the Showcase one of WordPress’s most valuable marketing and communications assets.


Despite this goal, the existing Showcase has faced long-standing technical and moderation hurdles which made it difficult to keep updated. A variety of discussions about the Showcase’s purpose, design, and moderation are cataloged in Github.

The moderation process is cumbersome, relying heavily on a fragile automation process that has had issues over the years. Editing has been very manual, and elevated editor privileges have created bottlenecks over the years. Revisiting the showcase now should help alleviate some of the issues. 

The Showcase receives hundreds of new submissions every year, about a third of which are spam/broken, and many more which do not meet the submission guidelines. Note too that current submission guidelines are open to a lot of interpretation, thus making the entire process of moderating Showcase far more complex than it needs to be. 

The Showcase is a valuable asset for the WordPress project and re-starting efforts to keep it current and fresh will surely inspire others of the infinite possibilities of a WordPress-powered website.

Coming up

A companion post outlining the proposed guidelines for the WordPress Showcase has been posted to the Make Marketing blog. If you want to weigh in and get more involved in revitalizing the showcase, the Make Marketing team looks forward to hearing community voices!


Building Blocks: The Evolution of WordPress 2013-2023

Provide feedback via GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner. with first-look access to the upcoming WP20 Book.

20 years — a new milestone

On May 27, 2023, WordPress celebrates a significant milestone in its journey as the project reaches its 20th anniversary. As part of the planned activities to mark this achievement, project leadership commissioned a book last year to document the years since its first commissioned work, Milestones – The Story of WordPress (2003-2013.)

The next volume, Building Blocks: The Evolution of WordPress, spans the history of WordPress from 2013-2023 and catalogs its wins, learnings, and everything in between. From changes to how users engage with the platform to confronting a worldwide pandemic, the book reflects on the most impactful moments over the last decade.

As the book gets ready for general release on the anniversary of WordPress, you, the community, have a role to play in ensuring that the story comes to life.

How you can help

You’re invited to play the role of editor by reviewing one or all of the 16 chapters. The book’s chapters are available on GitHub; each chapter has its own markdown file and is immediately available for download.

As you get started, a very important resource that can prove helpful is The WordPress Writing Style Guide

Please focus on the content in your review rather than syntax, for instance. Here are some tips for what helpful feedback will look like providing additional source materials, including helpful links, offering potential images, spotting potential grammatical issues or typos, as well as any contextual documentation. Unhelpful feedback looks like offering a total rewrite or critique of the writing style.

To log a suggested edit, please create a new GitHub issue (one issue per ticket, please) and assign it to jpantani, who is assisting with this project’s wrangling.

Quick steps to take action

Please share your feedback by April 30, 2023.