Plugin directory chat 2017-02-15

Join us at 22:00 2017-02-15 UTC in #meta for our first regular plugin directory chat in a while.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin directory chat 2017-01-18

Join us as usual at 22:00 2017-01-18 UTC in #meta for the regular plugin chat.

Agenda: launch checklist.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin directory chat 2017-01-12

Back on schedule this week. Join us at 22:00 2017-01-11 UTC in #meta to talk about the plugin directory v3. On the agenda: the final issues for launch.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin directory chat 2016-12-21

Let’s make it a short one this week, with no agenda: 2016-12-21 22:00 UTC in #meta if you’d like to ask questions or discuss anything plugin directory related.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin directory chat 2016-12-14

We’ll have our weekly chat in #meta at 2016-12-14 22:00 UTC. Main topics will be progress over the last week; and remaining tickets on the 3.0 Milestone.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin directory chat 2016-12-07

Join us in #meta at 22:00 2016-12-07 for the weekly plugin directory chat.

We’ll talk about the remaining blockers for the 3.0 launch, and the feedback we’ve received from the soft launch survey.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin directory chat 2016-11-30

We’ll have our weekly chat in #meta at 22:00 2016-11-30 UTC. On the agenda:

  • Feedback from the soft launch.
  • Blockers for launch.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin directory chat 2016-11-23

Weekly chat at 2016-11-23 22:00 UTC in #meta as usual. Discussion will be about blockers for soft launch.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin Directory chat 2016-11-16

Pop in to #meta at 22:00 2016-11-16 UTC for our regular plugin directory chat. We’ll follow up on the major outcomes from user testing, and discuss the schedule for launch.

#plugin-directory #meta

Plugin Directory chat 2016-11-09

The next plugin directory chat will be at 22:00:00 2016-11-09 UTC in the #meta channel. Please remember to allow for recent time zone changes.

Topics will include user testing, which began this week, and search testing.

#plugin-directory #meta