WordPress’ inline documentation efforts really kicked off starting in the 3.7 release cycle, and gained momentum as the hook docs initiative progressed to the present. The inline documentation, or “inline docs” initiative is a hybrid project, reporting to both the core development and documentation teams.

OK, so what is inline documentation anyway?

Inline documentation provides both necessary and useful information in the form of inline-comments, phpdoc blocks and more within the source of the WordPress codebase itself.

It is very much considered to be “technical” documentation, so some familiarity with the WordPress codebase will be necessary. You have to be able to understand the code to write about it!

How can I get involved?

Below you’ll find helpful links for getting involved in the Hook Docs initiative, as well as for locating inline docs-related Trac tickets you can contribute to.

For any questions, feel free to ping @kpdesign or @drewapicture anytime.

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