Github repos for WindowsPhone and Legacy BlackBerry

This morning I finished setting up Github repositories for the WordPress for Windows Phone (trac), and WordPress for Legacy BlackBerry (trac) apps.

The svn history and authorship are preserved, however, if I missed linking up an author to their Github account let me know. For both Github repos I’ve set the default branch to develop and the associated website to this blog.

Both svn repos included directories for graphics and other binaries which I have not tried to import. I think its probably fine to just leave them in their respective svn repos, but if we want to move them let’s talk about the best way, adding them to a new branch seems weird.

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Looking to get started contributing There are a…

Looking to get started contributing? There are a number of smaller bugs and enhancements listed for the iOS app on Github currently.

Here are some that are perfect for beginners or someone just looking for a quick turnaround:

See all outstanding Issues for iOS on Github

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@nacin has asked in IRC if it makes…

@nacin has asked in IRC if it makes sense to move the official github home of the WordPress mobile apps from WordPress-Mobile to WordPress.

Thoughts about this? I’m not sure there is any reason to not make the switch.