Github repos for WindowsPhone and Legacy BlackBerry

This morning I finished setting up Github repositories for the WordPress for Windows Phone (trac), and WordPress for Legacy BlackBerry (trac) apps.

The svn history and authorship are preserved, however, if I missed linking up an author to their Github account let me know. For both Github repos I’ve set the default branch to develop and the associated website to this blog.

Both svn repos included directories for graphics and other binaries which I have not tried to import. I think its probably fine to just leave them in their respective svn repos, but if we want to move them let’s talk about the best way, adding them to a new branch seems weird.

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Dev Chat Summary for June 19, 2013

Chat log


  • WPiOS 3[.6].2 Update
  • WPAndroid Status
  • WPWinPhone Update
  • WPBlackBerry Update
  • WPiOS Reader Status

WPiOS 3[.6].2 Update

Released version 3.6.1 on Monday, which adds Crashlytics. This gives us fresh info on crashes and issues, we’ve already found some really common crashes that we’ll now be able to fix.

3.6.2 with fixes for the most common crashes has been submitted.

WPAndroid Status

Notifications release is performing well. A few (crash) bugs have popped up so there is some maintenance being done to alleviate the problems.

The new user work legwork is there now thanks to @daniloercoli and we’re starting on the UI soon.

In other news it looks like @willnorris will be working on switching out the custom navigation drawer to the new, official one.

WPWinPhone Update

Version 2.2 (gallery support) hit the store and was announced on Monday. It introduces gallery support for self-hosted WordPress installs. Apart from client-side API work there’s currently nothing in the works.

WPBlackBerry Update

A new version is in the store (1.6.6) that reintroduces the support form (basically email) to help identify the cause of many recent 1-star reviews due to sign in problems. Once we’ve identified the issues we can fix them an issue another release.

WPiOS Reader Status

The week was spent testing, tuning performance, and creating the last graphics needed for the update. We’ll continue to do UI changes and test it through Friday. Performance is a big thing currently. Since the Automattic contributors will be at a company meetup next week the projects will most likely enter a state of hiatus for a week or so.

Heads up / Next week

Since Automattic folks are out next week (and there most likely won’t be much to discuss because of this) we’ll just make a note of it next week in the weekly update.

The next dev chat will be on July 3, 2013 at 1500 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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