is the new central home for official WordPress developer resources, including an automated code reference and authoritative handbooks for plugin and theme development.

If you’d like to contribute, just follow the steps below.

  1. Familiarize yourself with contributing to Meta projects in general.
  2. Setup your local development environment.
    1. WordPress Meta Environment is the easiest way; it’s a turn-key development environment that’s pre-configured for working on and several other official WordPress websites.
    2. If you’d prefer to set it up manually, follow the instructions on the devhub project page.
  3. Search the component on the Meta Trac for a ticket to work on. Those with the good-first-bug keyword are great if you’re new to contributing.
  4. Once you’ve finished working on the ticket, create a patch and upload it to the ticket.
  5. Your patch will be reviewed by a developer on the Meta team. We’ll either give you some feedback to improve it, or go ahead and commit it.

Thanks for contributing! If you’d like to get involved on a regular basis, these would be a good start:

  • Subscribe to our P2 to stay up to date and participate in discussions.
  • Subscribe to the Meta Trac mailing list to be notified of new tickets that may interest you. The list can generate 5-15 e-mails per day, so you may want to setup a filter to automatically move them to a separate folder, so that they don’t clog your inbox.
  • Join the #meta channel on Slack to participate in meetings and ticket triages. Most people just idle in the room 99% of the time, rather than having constant conversations.