Getting Started at a Contributor Day

This guide is intended to help you get started contributing to the meta team at a contributor day. Below is an outline of what the meta team does and how to quickly get started with various projects that the meta team works on. If you need any help, talk to your contributor day organizer, or ask your question in #meta on Slack.

This is a work in progress so don’t be afraid to amend the document or leave comments, particularly if you’re at a contributor day and find that we’ve missed something.

Regular Meeting Time: None, but occasional ticket triage sessions in #meta on Fridays at 17:00 UTC.
Chat Room: #meta

Group Responsibilities Group Responsibilities

The only responsibility of the meta team is to maintain and create sites. Some of these sites include:

  • theme directory
  • plugin directory
  • Trac (core, meta, etc)
  • support forums
  • Codex

A full list of sites and and projects is available, though not all sites are open source yet.

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Common Tasks Common Tasks

As a member of the meta team, some common tasks that you’ll carry out are:

  • Coding and programming tasks (PHP, JS, CSS, etc)
  • Design work
  • Accessibility work
  • Testing sites to find issues to be fixed
  • Adding and updating content

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Prior Knowledge Prior Knowledge

To get involved with the meta team, you’ll need some prior knowledge, depending on your area of expertise.

  • For development, coding expertise is needed, specifically with WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Designers, writers, testers are all needed with skills in their respective specialties.
  • Everyone who wants to be involved with the meta team should know where the meta trac is and read the Meta Development Blog for the latest information.

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Tools Tools

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Essential Reading Essential Reading

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First Steps First Steps

The first step is to select a project that you’re interested in working on, whether it’s the plugin directory or the developer hub, and start finding issues with it or ways it can be improved. If you want to contribute code, all open source projects are listed in the prior link and can be contributed to through the meta trac.

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Tasks Tasks

Some easy tasks for a first time contributor to get started at a contributor day are:

  • View the currently open tickets and work on those if you’re a programmer. If you want something relatively easy to get your feet wet, focus on tickets tagged with good-first-bug.
  • If you’re a designer, concentrate on the open tickets that need UI/UX.
  • Testers can pick a website they’re interested in and find ways it can be improved
  • Regardless of whether the code for the meta site you’re testing is open source, getting tickets on file will help identify what needs to be fixed or designed better, and how to prioritize which components we should focus on open-sourcing first.
  • If you find an issue with one of the WordPress meta sites you can open a ticket on meta trac.