This section of the handbook contains tutorials that will help you learn how to create, apply, and revert patches.

Patches are the only way that a contributor, like you, can submit code to the WordPress project.

Whether you are fixing a bug or contributing to a new feature, a patch is required so the core developers and committers can consider your code for inclusion in the repository.

For beta testing the latest development version of WordPress, you will need to be able to apply patches that other contributors have created to determine if the patch fixes the issue.

SVN Client or Command Line Interface? #

Many developers prefer to work with Subversion (SVN) using the command line interface (CLI), while others prefer to use a GUI application. Both are acceptable, and will allow you to create, apply, and revert patches.

For command line users, there are programs such as Cygwin (Windows), Terminal (Mac), and Bash (Mac).

If you prefer to use a GUI application, the recommended SVN clients are TortoiseSVN (Windows, free/open-source), and Cornerstone (Mac, purchase).