Roadmap Edit

WP-CLI is released every 3-4 months, typically around the beta period of WordPress’s release cycle:

  • Current: v2.4.0 (November 8th, 2019)

Patch versions are released on an as-needed basis, usually to address bugs or regressions. The current version of WP-CLI is the only officially supported version.

The current longer-term goals of the project are:

  • Improve contributor onboarding by streamlining development environment setup, testing and documentation.
  • Rethink the role of WP-CLI scaffolding as an educational tool and a practical application of best practices.

New features are developed as packages first. Doing so enables:

  • Faster feature iteration with less risk.
  • More contribution opportunities.
  • Reduced complexity and maintenance burden for the core project.

To suggest new ideas, head on over to the wp-cli/ideas repository.

For more details on how WP-CLI releases are produced, please see Philosophy and Governance. For more information about how WP-CLI handles its requirements, please see WP-CLI PHP Requirements Strategy.