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Here are some helpful guides and resources for using WP-CLI.

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Guides Guides

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References References

  • Global parameters – Variables defining how a command is executed, including which WordPress user the command is run as and which WordPress instance the command is run against.
  • Built-in commands – Commands included in every copy of WP-CLI.
  • Internal API – Stable utilities considered safe to use in community commands.
  • Documentation standards – Standards for annotating WP-CLI commands.
  • Hosting companies – List of hosting companies where WP-CLI is installed by default.
  • Shell friends – Helpful shortcuts for bash and zsh.
  • Integrated tools – Plugins, wrappers, and other projects that integrate with WP-CLI in some form.

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Contributing Contributing

  • Bug reports – Help ensure your issue is resolved in a timely manner.
  • Contributing – An introduction to the contributing process.
  • Ideas – Up-vote existing ideas or submit your own.
  • Governance – Summary of those behind WP-CLI.
  • Implementation details – Catalog of historical design decisions.
  • Philosophy – Guidelines which inform project scope, command organization, and behavior.
  • Pull requests – Submit your first bug fix or new feature.
  • Release checklist – Tasks performed during the process of tagging a release.
  • Roadmap – Where WP-CLI is going in the future.

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