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Download and install WordPress using WP-CLIWP-CLI WP-CLI is the Command Line Interface for WordPress, used to do administrative and development tasks in a programmatic way. The project page is is straight forward. It takes four steps.
First, you will need to download WordPress using the wp core download command.

Step 1 – Download WordPress

The syntax of the command to download WordPress is the following: wp core download [--path=<path>] [--locale=<locale>] [--version=<version>] [--skip-content] [--force]

    $ wp core download --path=wpdemo.test --locale=it_IT
    Creating directory '/wpdemo.test/'.
    Downloading WordPress 5.4.1 (it_IT)...
    md5 hash verified: 3fa03967b47cdfbf263462d451cdcdb8
    Success: WordPress downloaded.

The command above creates a wpdemo.test/ folder inside your current working directory and downloads the latest WordPress version. You can replace the --path=wpdemo.test with your
desired folder name and the --locale=it_IT with your desired locale. You can omit the --locale option and, that will download by default WordPress in American English using the locale en_US.

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Step 2 – Generate a config file

In this step, we will generate a config file and set up the database
credentials for our installation.
The basic syntax of the command is the following: wp config create --dbname=<dbname> --dbuser=<dbuser> [--dbpass=<dbpass>]

    $ wp config create --dbname=your_db_name_here --dbuser=your_db_user_here --prompt=dbpass
    1/10 [--dbpass=<dbpass>]: type_your_password
    Success: Generated 'wp-config.php' file.

The command above generates the wp-config.php file and adds to it the database credentials that you passed. Make sure to replace your_db_name_here with the name you want to assign to the database, replace your_db_user_here with your database user and type the database password when prompted with the following: 1/10 [--dbpass=<dbpass>]:

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Step 3 – Create the database

In this step, we are going to create the database based on the information we passed to the wp-config.php file in step 2.

    $ wp db create
    Success: Database created.

Now we are ready to move to the final step where we install WordPress.

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Step 4 – Install WordPress

To install WordPress now, we need to run one last command.

    $ wp core install --title="WP-CLI" --admin_user=wpcli --admin_password=wpcli
    Success: WordPress installed successfully.

Remember to replace the values passed to each of the following options with your details:

  • replace with your website url,
  • --title="WP-CLI" replace WP-CLI with the name you want to assign to the website,
  • --admin_user=wpcli replace wpcli with the username you want to assign to the website administrator
  • --admin_password=wpcli replace wpcli with the password you want to use to access the WordPress administrator panel.

Congratulation! You have successfully installed WordPress using WP-CLI.

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