WP_CLI::runcommand() Edit

Run a WP-CLI command.

Usage Usage

WP_CLI::runcommand( $command, $options = array() )
$command (string) WP-CLI command to run, including arguments.
$options (array) Configuration options for command execution.
@return (mixed)

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Notes Notes

Launches a new child process to run a specified WP-CLI command.

  • Run the command in an existing process.
  • Prevent halting script execution on error.
  • Capture and return STDOUT, or full details about command execution.
  • Parse JSON output if the command rendered it.
$options = array(
  'return'     => true,   // Return 'STDOUT'; use 'all' for full object.
  'parse'      => 'json', // Parse captured STDOUT to JSON array.
  'launch'     => false,  // Reuse the current process.
  'exit_error' => true,   // Halt script execution on error.
$plugins = WP_CLI::runcommand( 'plugin list --format=json', $options );

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