Please help us improve the new WordPress editor Gutenberg and make it as accessible as it can be. Install the Gutenberg plugin and start testing! More information about Gutenberg itself you can find on Introducing a new way to WordPress.

The test below is set up to do the most common tasks for a content manager (who is not a developer). Like add and modify text, headings, images, lists, tables and embeds.

If you join, please add the following information in your report:

  • Date: the date you tested
  • Gutenberg: the plugin version you tested
  • Browser: the browser(s) you used
  • OS: your operating system
  • Test done with: list the assistive technology you used, including version numbers

Note: if you keyboard test on a Mac, read this first: Keyboard Navigation in Mac Browsers.

For screen readers:

  • Test VoiceOver only with Safari
  • We don’t include results with ChromeVox

We highly appreciate testing with Dragon, JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver and Narrator

List your findings in the comments below; blog about it and give us the link; report it on GitHub, or mail them to Videos are also very helpful.

You don’t have to solve the issues or provide code, just report the issues you find or the questions you have.

If you have any questions about this test, please ask them in the comment section below or ping rianrietveld on Twitter.

The test

First: add a new post, using the Gutenberg editor.

Set up some content

  • enter a title
  • add a paragraph with some texts
  • add an H3 heading with the text “this is a heading”
  • add an image
  • add a list of 5 items (cats, dogs, fish, birds, spiders)
  • add a table with 2 columns, 2 rows and add some data in the cells
  • add the YouTube embed

Actions at the top:

  • preview the post
  • publish the post
  • switch to draft
  • hide and display the settings (the wheel)
  • Open “More” (3 dots at) and switch from visual code editor to code editor and back again

Modify the paragraph

  • make a link to on one of the words
  • align the text to the right when you focus the paragraph
  • with the settings on the top, select Fix toolbar to Top: is this usable for you when you change the content of a paragraph?

Block options

Modify the paragraph with the Block options (you can see the blocks by selecting the settings wheel at the top).

  • switch on/off the drop cap
  • change font size and reset it
  • change background colour red
  • change text colour light grey
  • clear text and background colour
  • align the block to the left
  • add an additional CSS class wp-caption

Modify a heading

  • change the H3 heading into an H2
  • make a part of the heading italic
  • remove the heading

Modify an image

  • add a link to the image
  • add a caption below the image
  • align image to the right
  • change the size of the image using the Block options

Modify the list

  • add an item to the list
  • delete an item from the list

Modify the table

  • add a row
  • add a column
  • delete a row
  • delete a column

Manipulate the blocks

  • move the image above the H2 heading
  • turn the list into a paragraph
  • delete a block

Good luck and thanks!

Test results up to now