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Hello, are you interested in joining the Make WordPress Accessible team? Or are you just interested in finding out what we’re up to?

This page explains a bit about what the team does, and how you can help by getting involved.

Who are we? Who are we?

The Make WordPress Accessible team are volunteers who are working to ensure the continued improvement of accessibility within WordPress – both with the themes that power all WordPress websites, and within the admin screens used by site administrators.

Our team becomes stronger with every new person who gets involved – so won’t you join us?

Contrary to what some people think we’re not all techies, and we feel that everyone who is connected with accessibility has something useful to contribute. We’re especially keen to hear from people who are regular users of assistive technology (AT) as your perspectives can be especially valuable when we need to test out some accessibility fixes that have been applied to WordPress.

Each new version of WordPress brings accessibility improvements. The more debate and testing we can do, the faster that rate of change can be.

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What can you do? What can you do?

If you want to contribute, there are several ways:

Testing Testing

We focus on WordPress core and the features projects. We need people who know to test accessibility and/or use assistive technology that test existing and new functionality.

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Documentation Documentation

We are setting up a Handbook to provide information about the accessibility of WordPress core, themes and plugins (notes kickoff meeting). This is work in process and we need people to:

  • Provide links to good resources
  • Write explanations and general documentation
  • Write code examples

We discuss this every week in the our meeting on Slack in the accessibility channel. Contact Sami Keijonen (sami.keijonen in Slack) for more info or join us in the Slack the #accessibility channel.

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Reviewing themes for the accessibility-ready tag Reviewing themes for the accessibility-ready tag

We review themes for the repository labeled with the accessibility-ready tag and the new core themes.

If you want to help reviewing, please contact Joe Dolson (joedolson in Slack).

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Code Code

At the moment there are over 100 accessibility related tickets on WordPress Trac. We need developers who want to help with:

  • Writing patches for accessibility trac tickets
  • Give code examples for trac tickets (the expected output)
  • Help with the discussion of possible solutions

Take a look at the overview of accessibility tickets and take your pick.

And we could use help with the accessibility issues of the plugin Gutenberg (the new code editor). This work is done in the Github repository of Gutenberg.

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Need more info? Need more info?

For any other questions and/or suggestions go to #accessibility channel on Slack and ping any of these people.

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How do you get in touch? How do you get in touch?

We have a number of communication channels where you can reach out to us and contribute your thoughts and ideas. Choose the one that works best for you.

  • This blog contains posts and thoughts from our members on accessibility issues that we’re looking at. WordPress developers also post points and questions here too. To reply to the posts you’ll need to log on to first. If you don’t have a username you can get one via the WordPress Support page and register there.
  • The best way to contact us is in the Slack #accessibility channel. We have a weekly online meeting in the #accessibility channel on Slack every Monday at 16:00 UTC where we share news and ideas in real-time. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this. Please read the information about joining Slack.
  • And if you’re a Twitter user you can contact us via the @WPAccessibility account.

We hope to hear from you soon. Come and help make WordPress more accessible for everyone. And if you’ve got some ideas about how we could better reach out to people, we’d love to hear those too.