New to the WP-CLI codebase? Check out these “good first issues” for a place to contribute your first pull request.

These issues are specially earmarked for new contributors. Read our Contributing guidelines for more details on getting started, or our documentation on pull requests for an overview to setting up and submitting changes.

Issues labeled "good-first-issue"

wp-cli should check that `proc_open` and `proc_close` are enabled. (wp-cli/wp-cli)
bug good-first-issue

Pull Requests - Setting up steps (wp-cli/handbook)
good-first-issue scope:documentation

@subcommand Sanitizing (wp-cli/wp-cli)
bug good-first-issue scope:framework

Flag to skip populating wp-config.php with the multisite constants (wp-cli/core-command)
enhancement good-first-issue

Create utility function for getting home directory (wp-cli/wp-cli)
good-first-issue scope:framework

Indicate files included from wp-config.php (wp-cli/config-command)
command:config command:config-get good-first-issue

Clarify error message for incorrect 'DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE' (wp-cli/wp-cli)
good-first-issue scope:framework