New to the WP-CLI codebase? Check out these “good first issues” for a place to contribute your first pull request.

These issues are specially earmarked for new contributors. Read our Contributing guidelines for more details on getting started, or our documentation on pull requests for an overview to setting up and submitting changes.

Issues labeled "good-first-issue"

Improve 'wp post-type' command description (wp-cli/entity-command)
command:post-type good-first-issue scope:documentation

Improve 'wp package' command description (wp-cli/package-command)
command:package good-first-issue scope:documentation

Improve 'wp option' command description (wp-cli/entity-command)
command:option good-first-issue scope:documentation

Improve 'wp network' command description (wp-cli/entity-command)
command:network good-first-issue scope:documentation

Plugin from GitHub renamed incorrectly. (wp-cli/extension-command)
bug command:plugin-install good-first-issue

`pluralize()` isn't working perfectly (wp-cli/scaffold-command)
command:scaffold good-first-issue

"Given a PHP built-in web server" step has dependency on "wordpress/" folder (wp-cli/wp-cli)
bug good-first-issue scope:testing

--prompt=<assoc> doesn't work when no arguments are originally supplied (wp-cli/wp-cli)
bug good-first-issue scope:framework

--max_file_size=0 should not split files (wp-cli/export-command)
command:export good-first-issue

List common options and link to remaining available options (wp-cli/entity-command)
command:option good-first-issue scope:documentation

Explain why certain tables can be skipped (wp-cli/search-replace-command)
command:search-replace good-first-issue scope:documentation