New to the WP-CLI codebase? Check out these “good first issues” for a place to contribute your first pull request.

These issues are specially earmarked for new contributors. Read our Contributing guidelines for more details on getting started, or our documentation on pull requests for an overview to setting up and submitting changes.

Issues labeled "good-first-issue"

Bring template file over from `wp-cli/wp-cli` (wp-cli/core-command)
command:core-version good-first-issue

Bring template files over from `wp-cli/wp-cli` (wp-cli/extension-command)
command:plugin-status command:theme-status good-first-issue

When a block name contains a single quote it needs to be escaped (wp-cli/scaffold-command)
bug command:scaffold-block good-first-issue

Add documentation for the `--foo[=<bar>]` syntax (wp-cli/handbook)
good-first-issue scope:documentation

Error not shown on "Reverted composer.json" (wp-cli/package-command)
command:package-install good-first-issue

Introduce wp theme mod list (wp-cli/extension-command)
command:theme-mod good-first-issue

Adapt instructions to make WP-CLI available on remote servers (wp-cli/handbook)
good-first-issue scope:documentation

Documentation fails to provide sufficient info (wp-cli/entity-command)
command:option command:option-get command:option-update good-first-issue scope:documentation

Better error message on regex check. (wp-cli/search-replace-command)
command:search-replace good-first-issue

Add --regex-limit (wp-cli/search-replace-command)
command:search-replace good-first-issue

Improve language dry run message (wp-cli/language-command)
command:language-core-update good-first-issue

Add documentation about aliases for Docker (wp-cli/handbook)
good-first-issue scope:documentation

Determine if git from prefix also and add `.git` suffix if not there. (wp-cli/package-command)
command:package good-first-issue

wp post delete on custom post type (wp-cli/entity-command)
command:post command:post-delete good-first-issue

wp scaffold and WPCS (wp-cli/scaffold-command)
command:scaffold-post-type good-first-issue

Switch all help docs to third person singular form (wp-cli/wp-cli)
good-first-issue scope:documentation

Correctly use "installation" instead of "install" in documentation (wp-cli/wp-cli)
good-first-issue scope:documentation

Better communicate failure to search-replace JSON-serialized URLs (wp-cli/search-replace-command)
command:search-replace good-first-issue scope:documentation

Add PHPCompatibility sniffs to scaffolded Codesniffer configuration (wp-cli/scaffold-command)
command:scaffold-plugin-tests command:scaffold-theme-tests good-first-issue

Add example of how to search and delete results (wp-cli/db-command)
command:db-search good-first-issue scope:documentation

Shuffle salts in wp-config.php (wp-cli/ideas)
good-first-issue state:approved

List common options and link to remaining available options (wp-cli/entity-command)
command:option good-first-issue scope:documentation

Explain why certain tables can be skipped (wp-cli/search-replace-command)
command:search-replace good-first-issue scope:documentation