WordCamp US Contributor Day 2019


  • Reviewed and commented on a draft document outlining criteria for inclusion of hosts on a new /hosting page on WordPress.org
  • Found a fix for WordPress Travis CI reporting
  • Got access to PHPUnit Plugin reporter used for showing hosting test results
  • Content review and edits to the Hosting Handbook – it had fallen a bit out of date


  • created a list of missing or incorrect information in the Gutenberg block documentation
  • Two reps designated for Gutenberg developer and user documentation
  • Migrated content from Codex to Devhub
  • Tidying up handbook issues
  • Tagging some articles as documentation


  • onboarded new contributors
  • New contributors helped get two new commits in: r46639 & r46640
  • set up and ran a unit test on a patch
  • agreed proposed direction for REST API core authentication support
  • Privacy – potentially displaying privacy info in plugin readme for hopeful adding to plugin repo
  • Roadmap for Site Health + action plan for v2
  • Solicited user feedback on Core 5.3
  • @TimothyBlynJacobs made his first commit to WordPress Core

Kids Camp

  • Started first ever kids camp at a WordCamp US!
  • Scavenger hunt where kids took selfies with people from each contributor team to use in the creation of their WordPress sites!


  • A couple usability testing scripts have been written.
  • Going through all Gutenberg issues labelled as “needs testing” – over 15 tested
  • Helping other contributors get their testing environments set up


  • Translated 5.3 for Dutch


  • Subtitling videos to use for marketing purposes
  • Updates to example sites on WordPress.org
  • Interviewing other teams and working up a recap post


  • Fire, forage, and treasure exercise with post-its
  • Working on Author block
  • Working on processes for product design for WordPress


  • Testing
  • Environment setup
  • Updating new contributor onboarding documentation
  • Regression testing on iOS beta release


  • We’ve gotten everyone acquainted with the accessibility team, how to contribute and where to find important team info
  • We split the group into two: those who are new to a11y and want to go over 101 basics and those more familiar with it and want to learn how to get started contributing
  • We went over Trac and GitHub and learned how to create and give feedback on tickets and issues
  • We discussed the many different ways in which people can contribute, wether that’s with code, design, testing or feedback, everyone can participate
  • Working through Trac tickets
  • Testing, giving feedback, and opening issues for new stuff
  • After lunch we all paired and started diving into Trac. The team is already helping move tickets forward by testing, suggesting solutions and submitting patches.


  • Onboard 4-5 new people to the team
  • Discussing what the causes may be of fewer unanswered issues than normal
  • “No reply” topics down to 4


  • Working on updating Lando testing system
  • Closed several existing issues
  • Work on docker environment to make running tests more reliable


  • Got Aaron access to make this post!
  • Onboarded 4 people
  • Fixed 4 WordCamp.org issues
  • Fixes 2 issued for Five for the Future
  • Fixed 1 issue for WordPress.tv


  • Onboarding
  • Iterations on Make.WP site
  • Forms, new page templates, and taxonomies for lesson plans
  • Working on lesson plans for:
    • Getting started with CSS
    • Installing plugins
    • What you can do with WordPress
  • 3 new prs for meta site learn.wordpress.org
  • 3 lesson plans were instructionally reviewed.


  • New meetup organizer orientation
  • Documentation for reaching out to prior WordCamp sponsors
  • WC Asia budget review
  • Going through WCUS 2019 photos
  • Working on messaging and benefits around speaker diversity training
  • Onboarding checklists
  • New WordCamp organizer orientation
  • New meetup chapter vetted and ready to launch
  • Diverse Speaker Training Team: Marketing text for promoting our workshop to meetups
  • Diverse Speaker Training Team: Edited training videos
  • Diverse Speaker Training Team: Started creating diverse events self-guided training


  • Teaching people how to access videos from WordCamp that need to be edited.
  • Several people are modding and editing videos from:
    • WCEU
    • Jacksonville
    • Birmingham
  • Two people submitted their first video to wptv
  • Published State of the Word 2019!
  • Onboarded people for moderating and editing


  • Lots of progress planning the WPGraphQL v1.0 Roadmap
  • Onboarded two new volunteers
  • Streamlined flows


  • Working on rate limiting issue

#contributor-day, #wordcamp-us

Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship for WordCamp US

The WordPress Foundation is offering the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship to attend WordCamp US. Kim was a valued and committed contributor to the WordPress project, and this is the WordPress Foundation’s way of honoring her. This scholarship is for a woman contributor with financial need who has never attended WordCamp US before.

Deadline to apply is Sunday October 16 at 12am Pacific.

For more details or to apply go to: https://2016.us.wordcamp.org/2016/10/03/apply-for-the-kim-parsell-memorial-scholarship/