A Mid-Year Look at 2022 Goals

At the start of the year, I proposed several big-picture goals for us to collectively work towards in 2022: 

  1. Drive adoption of the new WordPress Editor 
  2. Support open sourceOpen Source Open Source denotes software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. Open Source **must be** delivered via a licensing model, see GPL. alternatives for all site-building necessities
  3. Embracing stewardship of open source principals 

As I shared in the latest episode of the WordPress Briefing, Five for the Future’s True Intentions, “Building our culture of generosity helps us to better recognize and celebrate each other for all of our contributions.” Rather than review progress towards metrics, I want to take this opportunity to recognize each Make team’s generosity and contributions to our common goals. 

What struck me when speaking with our Make teams is that the return to in-person events has created new opportunities for contribution. From the CLI team onboarding a new committer (welcome Jan-Willem Oostendorp) to the Community team reactivating WordPress meetups around the world and training organizers and deputies to support those events to the Training team launching the Faculty Program to new teams Core Performance and Photos making their first Make presence in 2022. 

These efforts both uplift our open source community’s principles while driving the WordPress Editor’s adoption. I see that in milestones often not celebrated: 100 block themes in the theme repository, 3,300+ photos in the Photo Directory, growth of the WordPress social media presence by 23,000 followers, and 56,893 translation contributors, ensuring that 56% of WordPress sites are translated.

It’s inspiring to see what we can accomplish together; there is much more to do. All teams noted that they could use additional eyes, hands, and thought partners. So, how can you help?

Code is just one of many measures of success and ways to get involved. If your interest is piqued, start by connecting with a Team Rep and ask how you can start to contribute. If you’re not yet sure, here are the areas that each team falls into:

For more detailed team updates, be sure to check out monthly updates here at https://make.wordpress.org/updates/.

Props to @cbringmann for wrangling and editing this post. And a big thank you to our team reps for stewarding their teams and participating in these updates!