Update: Progress on Goals

At the end of last year, I posted an update on the goals we had for 2019. While I mentioned that most of those goals will continue into 2020, I didn’t have a full concept of what we should target and when. I have a better idea now that everyone has started working on things.

WordPress Core

I’ve organized our remaining projects around our remaining releases for the year. In each group below, there are three different states of readiness: Feature Plugin for things that are still in testing, Complete for things that are stable and ready to merge, Ship for things that are final and being packed in the release.

These are educated guesses. For most of them the sooner we can get them ready for testing the better!

WP5.4 – March Release

WP5.5 – August Release

  • Feature Plugin: Automatic updates functionality for major WordPress Core releases (opt-in).
  • Complete: Convert the widgets-editing areas complete.
  • Complete: Functionality for full site editing complete behind experimental flag in the plugin.
  • Complete: Global styles behind experimental flag in the plugin.
  • Ship: Update WordPress Core to include current releases of the Gutenberg plugin.
  • Ship: Navigation menus block in Core.
  • Ship: Automatic updates for plugins and themes in Core.
  • Ship: Block directory in Core.
  • ShipXML Sitemaps 
  • ShipLazy Loading 

WP5.6 – December Release

  • Ship: Automatic updates for major WordPress Core releases (opt-in).
  • Ship: Update WordPress Core to include current releases of the Gutenberg plugin.
  • Ship: Widgets-editing and Customizer support in Core.
  • Ship: Full site editing in Core.
  • Ship: Global styles in Core.
  • Ship: Default theme.

WordPress Programs

These goals don’t depend on the Core release cycle, so it’s harder to assign dates to them. My best guess is around our major regional events, but I’m open to suggestions.

Contributor Experience

  • Reduce number of open issues in Trac.
  • Updates to the theme directory.
  • Speaker feedback tool.
  • SEO updates to WordCamp network.

User Experience

  • Block patterns
  • Block-based themes

Where We Collaborate

Coordination of work on WordPress Core can be found in #core and #core-editor (though there are a lot of feature-specific channels as well). Much of the contributor experience coordination is done in #meta and #meta-wordcamp. User experience coodrination happens in #design and #themes. All contributor teams document their efforts on their team sites. 🙂

For a concept of the long term roadmap, keep an eye on the Roadmap page; it’s updated frequently.

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