Community team update – 07-11-2019

Sorry for the late posting, I have had issues with proxy which has prevented me from pulling some numbers.

The Community Team meets twice a month, first and third Thursday, at two different times to cover different timezones:

Deputy updates

As usual, Community Team members are busy doing their job. No blockers, but a lot for things to do. Even small contributions from existing deputies are much appreciated and we warmly welcome all new contributors interested in becoming deputy!

Ongoing discussions

Discussion: How do we improve how we collect feedback from Meetup groups?
Every year, we distribute a survey to members of official WordPress meetup groups to gather statistics about the program as well as individual groups, in order to help improve the program. Since we’ve started distributing the Meetup annual survey in 2014, we haven’t seen a very high response rate. We could do much more than improve the questions on the survey.

Update: Contributor Orientation Tool
WordCamp Europe 2019 organising team presented new tool that we’ve been developing to help new contributors select the make team they wish to contribute to – Contributor Orientation Tool. The tool was built as a prototype. As WordCamp Europe 2020 organising team is back to work, we are continuing our work on Contributor Orientation Tool as well.

Proposal Update: Speaker Feedback Tool
We recently posted a proposal for a speaker feedback tool to be baked into WordCamp sites. The proposal included some ideas and mockups, with a call for feedback, suggestions and questions. Based on the feedback from that post, we have some more refined mockups to share. In addition to that, we are looking for input on the data storage method.

Additional posts worth highlighting