Design team update November 8th

The past few weeks designers across WordPress were involved in multiple WordCamps, WC Tokyo and WordCamp US, to name but two of those. There was also a wide variety of work from 5.3 wrangling to Gutenberg and beyond.

The meeting times are changing with daylight saving in some countries.

  • Monday: 17:30 UTC – core/meta triage
  • Tuesday: 17:00 UTC – Gutenberg triage
  • Wednesday: 19:00 UTC – Design weekly team meeting

Weekly meeting

The design team held their weekly meeting at 18:00 UTC in #design. You can catch up on all the notes here:


The design team continues to have triages each week, one for core/meta and one for Gutenberg.

Calls for involvement

Here are some calls for involvement for the design team:

Interesting posts

If you are having a WordCamp that has a design contribution table, please reach out in #design so you can be added in future updates.