Five for the Future: Open for Pledges

I’m very proud to announce that the first iteration of the Five for the Future pledge program is open for pledges! Individuals and organizations can now publicly pledge their time to contribute to WordPress in a centralized place that is public and transparent.

The intent of this program is to acknowledge the organizations and individuals who contribute regularly to WordPress, helping to sustain the project and work on ongoing initiatives. My hope is that this will encourage contributions from the wider WordPress community. Naturally, the same expectations for promotion on also applies to this program.

This program wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and hard work of some amazing contributors! Props to all the people who designed, developed, gave feedback, and tested:

@ryelle, @mrwweb,@miss_jwo, @melchoyce, @liljimmi, @jorbin, @jeffpaul, @imath, @iandunn, @hristo-sg, @hlashbrooke, @earnjam, @courtneypk, @coreymckrill, @clorith, @chanthaboune, @camikaos, @angelasjin, @andreamiddleton, @adityakane, @aaroncampbell, @_dorsvenabili

If you have questions, find issues, have suggestions for future iterations, or think of improvements we could make to the program in the coming months, please comment on this post!