Accessibility team update – October 26, 2019

WordPress 5.3 accessibility focus

51 accessibility focused tickets were closed in milestone 5.3.

The biggest changes are related to Admin CSS. These changes were documented in a fully detailed dev note:

These changes were extensively tested by @audrasjb and a full report of his tests is available on Make/Core as well:

Widgets now use aria-current attribute to indicate if the current page in the concerned widgets:

aria-label is now used in Post and Comments navigations to add proper context to the related navigation systems:

Twenty Nineteen’s HTML structure was improved to avoid to generate invalid HTML:

wp_die HTML output was improved to avoid to generate invalid HTML:

There were also a number of accessibility focused changes in the block editor to handle Gutenberg Accessibility Audit issues.

The accessibility team also contributed intensively to the development of the new bundled theme, Twenty Twenty.

WordPress 5.3 was a key release for the WordPress accessibility team. Thanks to everyone involved in the accessibility focused Trac tickets and Gutenberg issues 👏

New accessibility team reps election for 2020

The new team reps will be elected on Friday 8 November 2019 at 15:00 UTC on Accessibility Slack channel.

For further information, see the related post on Make/Accessibility:

Accessibility table for WordCamp US 2019 contributor day

@nrqsnchz will lead the accessibility team table at WordCamp US contributor day. @rianrietveld and @nataliemac will help running the table. @nataliemac will also present an accessibility workshop.