Design team update October 25th

The focuses this week for designers were wide and varied. They included 5.3, Helphub and Gutenberg. The weekly triage sessions were held for core/meta and Gutenberg.

Weekly meeting

The design team held their weekly meeting at 18:00 UTC in #design. You can catch up on all the notes here.

Calls for involvement

Here are some calls for involvement for the design team:


There will be several opportunities for designers to be involved in during this event.

  • Testing table: @mapk will be facilitating.
  • Accessibility table: @nrqsnchz will be facilitating.
  • Design table: @joshuawold and myself will be facilitating.

If you are having a WordCamp that has a design contribution table, please reach out in #design so you can be added in future updates.

There was also a weekly Gutenberg design update posted, this included a roundup of everything ‘full site editing’.