Community team update – 03-10-2019

The Community Team meets twice a month, first and third Thursday, at two different times to cover different timezones. This post covers two last meetings:

Deputy updates

Again as usual Community Team members are busy with helping community organizers around the world. We had a little too long queue on Meetup and WordCamp applications. The team organized two vetting sprints to shorten the queue and it achieved an empty Meetup queue on the later one!

Ongoing discussions

Proposal: Changes to application workflow for better communication
There is a proposal about how to communicate better with Meetup and WordCamp applicants. Now their applications can be (unfortunately) without any response or message from the Community team few weeks. Proposal is to create a HelpScout ticket automatically for every application and use HS workflows to send automatic notifications.

Proposal: Detect dormant Meetup groups and check with them automatically
Our Meetup program is growing fast. We had 575 active meetup groups in February 2018 and the latest number is 778. Some of those Meetups groups might be inactive or dormant for one reason or another. Community Team would like to help organizers and members of those Meetup groups to go forward and have regular meetups again. Currently we don’t have a very good tools to detect dormant groups and approach those. Proposal suggests automatic check for when the last meet up was held and semiautomatic communication process if that has been over six months ago.

Additional posts worth highlighting