Mobile Team Update – September 10th

We continue testing WordPress iOS and Android version 13.2 as we are skipping one release cycle. Sign up here to join the beta program on iOS or follow this link on your Android device, tap on Become a beta tester.

Highlights for the last two weeks:

  • Block Editor: Media&Text block merged, several bug fixes, ~22% of posts are now published with the block editor! 
  • Full Site Editing: Continued cross platform Gallery block implementation, and started Inner Block UI enhancements.
  • Offline Support: Almost completed in Android, in iOS we continue to uncover inconsistencies in our Media support and addressing issues as they appear.
  • iOS 13 Updates: Big push to ship Dark Mode.
  • Android only: Color tech debt in advance of Dark Mode implementation, changes to the Me tab for the Improved Information Architecture project, started work to enable audio uploads.
  • Infrastructure: Support for iOS 13/XCode 11. Wrapped up the Android tooling improvements project, refinements in app screenshots and related tools.