Housekeeping: projects now listed in the sidebar

I’ve updated this site’s sidebar to include a list of projects that affect multiple contributor teams and are being discussed mainly on this blog. My hope is that this will make it easier for people to follow communication centered around certain initiatives, as we continue to use this site for both weekly team updates and topics/project that affect many teams.

The links just take people to a list of all the posts associated with a project-specific tag, so it’s not terribly complicated. To keep this list relevant and useful, those leading cross-project initiatives should tag their posts consistently, and add the name of the initiative to that sidebar widget. This can be done retroactively as well, of course.

I considered making another sidebar widget for easy links to all the weekly updates from each team, but I don’t know if that would be useful or not. If you have a strong opinion on the matter, please share your thoughts in a comment on this post! If there’s a project that I’ve missed (as yet I’ve only added a few, that I’m personally working on), please also comment below. 🙂