Community Team Update – 11 July 2019

Thanks to @sippis for getting us back in gear with posting Community Team updates on here – he put this post together, but doesn’t yet have author permissions on this P2, so I’m the one publishing it.

The Community Team meets twice a month, first and third Thursday, at two different times to cover different timezones.

Agenda and Slack logs from July 4: 11:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC

Deputy updates:

We are busy bees as usual 🐝

Community Team members have done Meetup and WordCamp vetting, organiser orientations, mentoring, organising events, replying to HelpScout tickets. No blockers. For future updates, we plan on providing actual numbers for these items.

Ongoing dicsussions:

WordCamp Europe 2019 – Recap of Community Team Activities At Contributor Day + Plans for the Future
We made a lot of progress in Berlin – how do we keep the momentum going? We don’t want things to die after Contributor Day. We talked about how our team needs a bit more steering and tools for long-term project management and settled giving a Trello a real try. @francina and @sippis are working with getting started with Trello.

How can we better reach our community organizers
There have been some concerns raised with staying in touch with our community organizers, specifically meetup organizers. How to better reach our community organizers, not just with the survey, but the monthly meetup newsletters?

Additional posts worth highlighting:

WordCamp Asia:

@nao is writing a post about the vision for WordCamp Asia and it’s coming soon. During the writing of that, it has been recognised that our WordCamp handbooks do not cover all the details or work well for regional WordCamps. Maybe worth making some documentation targeted for regional WordCamps? Could WCEU handbook be used as a base?

Diverse Speaker Training group:

Held first training of the reboot of the group last week, and is going to start doing 1-2 a month for the next few months before ramping up. Working group is starting to translate their content with the help of Polyglots team, they are also improving their workshop materials and internal processes.

Chat recaps and make/updates:

We discussed how our team has failed to provide chat recaps and updates to make/updates P2 and how to revitalize that. We agreed that updates should be made after every team chat. That means bi-weekly updates consisting of team chat recaps and also some other important details about how our team is doing.

For the first three months, @sippis and @hlashbrooke are responsible for making the updates here. After that, we are going to shift the responsibility to two other Community Team members for the next three months. Responsibility is intended to be rotating thing every three months with two persons, so we can be sure that someone will do the updates.

Updates will also contain some numbers from the Community Team. @sippis is working with boilerplate to speed up making update posts.

Team reps:

We haven’t changed our team reps for a long time. @kcristiano is going to write a post about starting the process for team rep change.