Training Team Update for 16 May 2019

It’s been a while since the Training Team has posted an update here. We will work on getting better at that. But there have been a few things of note that have happened recently, so here’s a quick summary:

1. We have moved our meeting time to 1300 UTC on Thursdays.
2. We have defined our criteria to earn profile badges with the team:
3. We are working on improving the team’s Handbook and on-boarding information.
4. We are working on developing the templates for the site’s redesign.
5. We have moved from to ZenHub to manage our GitHub repos.
6. We have found a solution to display lesson plan slides from GitHub. We were using RawGit for that, but are now going through a GitHub Page.
7. We have some automations in place in GitHub to 1) help identify lesson plans in need of work and to support our efforts in 2) building lesson plans (especially slides) and 3) in building the site.
8. We are making plans for Contributor Days at WordCamp Calgary and at WordCamp EU.

And there have been many new faces in the #training channel willing to help!