Weekly Digest | Week 10

For all teams, maintainers, and contributors: Daylight Saving season is upon us. Many teams adjust timing of meetings based on the EU dates and you can, too! You can learn more about each of these teams at make.wordpress.org.

From the Development Teams

From the Design Teams

  • Shipped: Improvements to the Custom Color Picker.
  • Shipped: The Block Management modal has made an adjustment from “Disabling” blocks to “Hiding” blocks.
  • Discussion: How to show a “hidden” block is still being discussed; please share your feedback!
  • Action: Testing for responsive controls in blocks is ramping up. Read more about the testing plan and how to participate on make.wordpress.org/design.
  • Action: Design work on the Showcase is underway, and there is a call for helpers.

From the Programs Teams

From the Operations Teams

Open Calls

  • Design
    • No additional calls
  • Testing
  • Development
    • Training needs some theme devs with a little extra time (#, #)
    • Accessibility would like feedback on #29022 and #33030
    • Cron would like a logic check of #44818

Noteworthy Dates

  • Mar 10 – DST starts in the US
  • Mar 13 – 5.1.1 release date
  • Mar 21 – WordPress 5.2 Beta 1 (feature freeze)
  • Mar 31 – DST starts in the EU
  • Apr 7 – DST ends in AUS
  • Apr 23 – Proposed 5.2 release date
  • May 11 – Global WordPress Translation Day 4