5.0 Release Retrospective Kickoff

Even though we are many months past the 5.0 release date, this is one of those times where “better late than never” is true. The few times that a release retrospective has been held, it was hosted on make.wordpress.org/core, and consisted of open-ended questions with answers in the comments.

However, as I’ve looked back over past releases, it is clear that code isn’t the only thing that goes into a successful release. So, I’m going to try a different way (kudos to @karmatosed) to hold an asynchronous and open retrospective here on our shared blog/P2.

It’s not entirely possible to do a traditional retrospective in a project this size, so I’m going to try something a little different. I’m collecting feedback in the survey linked below. The feedback that is shared will be anonymized and published to this blog, so if you’re not yet subscribed, now is the time to do it!

5.0 Retrospective Survey

The survey asks for your wordpress.org username, which is specifically for my use in case I need to follow up with some clarifying questions. It’s open for two weeks, until Friday, March 15.