Expanding WordPress Leadership

Today I want to announce two new roles in the WordPress project, and the people who will be filling them. Both of these roles will help me lead the project more efficiently while also making better use of both of their individual talents to benefit WordPress and the web.

First, Josepha Haden ( @chanthaboune ) will take on the role of Executive Director. She will oversee and direct all contributor teams in their work to build and maintain WordPress. Josepha has done a lot of great work in WordPress over the past few years, so many of you will already know her. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy working with her as much as I do.

Secondly, Joost de Valk ( @joostdevalk ) will take on the role of Marketing & Communications Lead. You might know him as a long time core contributor and plugin author. His role will be to lead the marketing team and oversee improving WordPress.org, related websites, and all its outlets.

Please join me in congratulating Josepha and Joost. With these changes as well as the 9 focuses for the year, I am excited about what 2019 (and beyond!) has in store for WordPress.