November 29th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

The plan is to launch HelpHub tomorrow, Friday November 30th. This has a slight impact on the support team, as it means the first page you are presented with when you look for support is HelpHub, instead of the list of forums that exist as of right now. This is to encourage self-help first, but it links to a proper list of forums as well for those who feel they didn’t find what they need. The original list of forums still exists as well, and can be found at and looks like it does today.

The next volunteer orientation has now been scheduled, the details and times are available at

In preparation of WordPress 5.0, we’ve now started working on the changes to the Master List that we put out with each release, the collaboration of which is taking place at

During the Contributor Day at WordCamp US this year, we’ve been asked to join in discuss a proposal for making Lighthouse more WordPress aware. You can read more about that at

Checking in with international liaisons

Our fantastic representatives from the Swedish, Serbian, Dutch, Urdu, Russian and German communities took part in todays chat and provided insights from their sides of things.

Open floor

The not a bug section of our Master List should have a section about how the new editing experience behaves, and questions that may come up from it, see the Google Docs sheet at for more details.

A quick reminder that we don’t know when WordPress 5.0 lands, and should it be during your holiday periods, there are no obligations to stop by and help users, enjoy your time off!

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)