Community Team Chats – November 15 2018

The Community Team meets twice a month, first and third Thursday, at two different times to cover different timezones.

Agenda and Slack logs from November 15: 11:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC

Deputy Check-in

Everyone is busy and with WCUS coming up some of us are busier than ever. No blockers.

P2 posts needing review/feedback

WordCamp US 2018 – Get Involved Table

As always we are going to have a Get Involved table at WordCamp US. Thank you to the wonderful people that volunteered to staff it.

WordCamp Blocks: Round 1 Designs

The first round of designs is here! People offered to help and design is undergoing.

Discussion: Logos in WordCamp Videos

Quite a few people commented, so we reached a decision.

Sponsor logos at the venue (banners, podium, etc.) that are captured on video are fine to leave in and we don’t need to make a rule that organisers must remove banners from the stage.

Speakers are allowed to include their company logo in their slides, but only in an optional opening/closing informational slide and not throughout the presentation. This is fine even if their company is not a sponsor of the event.

Similarly, a speaker can wear clothing with their company logo on it, even if their company is not a sponsor.

No company logos of any kind are to be added in post-production.

Proposed 2019 Global Community Sponsorship Program

The Global Community Sponsorship working group has made a proposal, we gathered some comments and held office hours for companies that were considering becoming global sponsors. The new program and the sponsors have been announced on the Community Blog.

Highlighted P2 posts

Increase in WordCamp maximum ticket price for 2019

After a thoughtful discussion earlier this year, from 2019 the maximum ticket price for WordCamps will be $25/pp/day: this is the maximum price and organisers can charge less.

Reminder: Over the years we’ve kept allowing costs to rise for events as the economy dictates. This ticket cost is us catching up to what folks are spending. Not an indicator that we should spend more 🙂

WordCamp Incubator 2018 Update Thread: October edition

If you want to know more about how the Incubator Program read the comments!

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