Marketing Team Update – November 7, 2018

The Marketing Team is a strategic resource for other WordPress teams. We also provide copywriting services. Our volunteers are well-equipped and eager. We work independently using in Trello but use our weekly Slack meeting to focus on updates.

We meet in Slack every Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time as a way to reconnect and give an update on our Trello tasks. However, anyone can chat in our Slack channel about anything at any time and take up any card without a lead.

What is the Marketing Team Doing?

Admittedly, it’s been just over a month (9/21/18) since I posted our last update. Sometimes the weeks just pass by quickly.

WordCamp US – Contributor Day

We are always excited about Contributor Day, especially at our large regional camps like WCUS. Dwayne, Harry, Mike, and I will all be there this year which is really lovely, actually. I’m quite proud of the Team Reps who have stepped up.

Quarterly Update Q3 2018

Dwayne and I checked in with Josepha and she published our update.

Contacted: @bridgetwillard
Priority: Continuing to write and publish case studies from the community.
Big Win: Onboarding guide is going well and is currently being translated.

30 Day Stats

We’re proud of the work that we’ve done and through organic shares have good stats. It shows we’re on the right path for providing content that is relevant and helpful.

Last 30 Days as of November 7, 2018

Last 30 Days as of November 7, 2018

Case Studies Continue

We are continuing to work on case studies and our survey if you’d like to participate is here

This is the last one we published.

Multilingual Site Consolidation for Savvii Managed Hosting

We’re Here for You

If your team would like strategic advice or copywriting, please ping either me (@gidgey on Slack) or @mcdwayne. We’ll set up a Trello card and get to work.

As always, our meeting notes are published on our blog weekly.