September 27th Support Team Meeting Summary

General announcements

First off, a reminder about the post on troubleshooting blank editor screens, if you have insights on this, please leave a comment to improve upon this.

For moderators: About archiving in the forums

When archiving topics or posts in the forums, with the exception of it being a spambot, every action should be proceeded with a notice to the user.

This means that if you are going to archive a reply or topic, you first create a new message and at-mention the user in your reply. Tell them that you’ll be archiving their topic or post, and tell them why.

This way, users are not frustrated because their topics disappear without warning, and we ensure they know what they actually did wrong, so they’re not likely to repeat the offense again.

Checking in with international liaisons

Representatives from the Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Urdu, Dutch, German and Brazilian communities took part in this weeks discussions.

Open floor

A reminder that it’s OK to be tired and not want to do volunteer work. Volunteering is about using excess energy on something you’re passionate about, so please, remember to take breaks now and then.