Marketing Team Update – September 21, 2018

The Marketing Team is a strategic resource for other WordPress teams. We also provide copywriting services. Our volunteers are well-equipped and eager. We work independently using in Trello but use our weekly slack meeting to focus on updates.

We meet in Slack every Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time as a catch up on our tasks. However, anyone can chat in our Slack channel about anything at any time.

What is the Marketing Team Doing?

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I posted our last update. Apologies.

Quite a few of the Team Reps were at the Contributor Day at WordCamp Nijmegen and we also promoted Siobhan Cunningham to Team Rep.

Publish. Publish. Publish.

We’ve been publishing like crazy — as fast as an open source collaborative can, anyway. We’d love social shares, feedback, and, of course, ideas.

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We’re Here for You

If your team would like strategic advice or copywriting, please ping either me (@gidgey on Slack) or @mcdwayne. We’ll set up a Trello card and get to work.

As always, our meeting notes are published on our blog weekly.