Support Team Meeting Updates for August 30th

General announcements

For moderators, when flagging an account, remember to always reply and let the user know why and what this means for them.

Once they’ve behaved, remember to unflag accounts again, it’s not a permanent position after all, and remember to retain all user notes, there’s no situation where a note should need to be deleted.

Checking in with international liaisons

Representatives from the ItalianSpanish and Pakistani communities took part during this weeks meeting.

Open Floor

A question was brought forth on how to deal with bad reviews on the forums.

In general, you will, at some point, receive negative feedback. It is impossible to please everyone. We promote good replies to bad reviews as the best approach, users care that authors take the time to respond and try to help users.

Ignore the stars, see past them and instead see the person behind the review, and try to find out why they had a bad experience, and try to turn it into something positive.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)