Marketing Team Update – August 8, 2018

The Marketing Team is a strategic resource for other WordPress teams. We also provide copywriting services. Our volunteers are well-equipped and eager. We work independently using in Trello but use our weekly slack meeting to focus on updates.

We meet in Slack every Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time as a catch up on our tasks. However, anyone can chat in our Slack channel about anything at any time.


We’ve been working on recommendations from the growth council to improve Last week we finalized and submitted page content for how to get help with WordPress to meta.trac. Though, we are unsure of if or when that will be published.

That said, we published our brand book in our handbook and the results of our survey on how folks get their WordPress news.

WordPress News Survey 2018 Report

We are continuing to write and publish case studies. Please feel free to submit those here.

Last Week’s Stats

Since a majority of our work manifests itself in blog posts on our blog, here’s how we’re doing.

The top post last week was the Jargon Glossary. (We’ve received some feedback and suggestions and are working on implementing those.)

We're so happy the jargon glossary is still a top getter for stats.

We’re so happy the jargon glossary is still a top getter for stats.

We’re Here for You

If your team would like strategic advice or copywriting, please ping either me (@gidgey on Slack) or @mcdwayne. We’ll set up a Trello card and get to work.

Our meeting notes are here.