Quarterly Updates | Q1 2018

To keep everyone aware of big projects and efforts across WordPress volunteer teams, I’ve reached out each team’s listed representatives. I asked each of them to share their top priority (and when they hope for it to be completed), as well as their biggest Wins and Worries. Have questions? I’ve included a link to each team’s site in the headings.


  • Contacted: @rianrietveld, @joedolson, @afercia
  • Priority: Getting the minimum accessibility requirements for Gutenberg done prior to merge. ETA is before 5.0
  • Struggle: Would like better accessibility knowledge/awareness in the project (here are a few training options for those who want to learn more)
  • Big Win: A lot of support from the community to make WordPress as accessible as it can be. All the designers, testers, a lot of developers and team leads are making an effort.


  • Contacted: @danielbachhuber, @schlessera
  • Priority: New major version v2.0.0 which restructures the packaging system to improve the developer experience (especially contributor on-boarding). ETA is beginning of July.
  • Struggle: Assembling a larger team of regular contributors/committers (which informed the team’s priority).
  • Big Win: Version 1.5.0 released at the end of January was full of useful new features and bug fixes.



  • Contacted: @jeffpaul
  • Priority: Gutenberg polishing and GDPR preparations
  • Struggle: Timelines are in flux, but the new editor is getting into refinement phases. GDPR is being coordinated among a number of teams, so that’s taking significant time, but the next steps are clear.
  • Big Win: Got a number of new contributors to help lead releases. A few debrief posts about learnings and possible improvements are coming.


  • Contacted: @melchoyce, @karmatosed, @boemedia, @joshuawold, @mizejewski
  • PriorityTeam building, empowering designers to contribute, and continued focus on supporting Core.
  • StruggleMaking the path to contribution clearer (no designated tasks for designers to perform and contributing through Trac tickets is very technical/can be overwhelming).
  • Big Win: A bit of new involvement on the Design team and some partnering with people on other teams as well.


  • Contacted: @kenshino
    Priority: Releasing HelpHub (background: https://make.wordpress.org/docs/2018/02/26/state-of-helphub-february-2018/) by May 30.
    Struggle: A lot of work is short term or project-based, so it’s hard to keep volunteer engaged over long periods of time



  • Contacted: @bridgetwillard
  • Priority: Top priority is finishing the handbook, ETA June 2018
  • Struggle: Need a more streamlined onboarding process for Contributor Days
  • Big Win: We’re proud of quite a bit but the Trac onboarding Guide, jargon glossary, and keywords for new landing pages for wordpress.org.

Meta (WordPress.org Site)

  • Contacted: @coffee2code
  • Priority: GDPR, Council-requested updates, supporting teams where we can.
  • Struggle: 2 people on leave at the moment
  • Big Win: Got the About Page launched


  • Contacted: @astralbodies, @catehstn
  • Priority: Getting Gutenberg on mobile.
  • Big Win: Nailed what they hoped to ship in Q1, and excited to see what 2018 brings


  • Contacted: @ipstenu
  • Priority: Getting off SupportPress so that more nuanced access is easy to give.
  • Big Win: Have moved to a new review system (even though it has some weird quirks).


  • Contacted: @petya, @ocean90, @nao, @chantalc, @deconf, @casiepa
  • Priority: Translate WP to 100% and then concentrate on the top 100 plugins and themes
  • Struggle: Getting new PTEs fast enough, and complex tools/systems. Overall, the volume of strings awaiting approval.


  • Contacted: @clorith
  • Priority: Preparing for an increase in Gutenberg support (due to the potential callout, and 5.0 itself)
  • Big Win: Have been providing new workshops recently, focusing on various parts of support, as seen from various plugin and theme related perspectives and roles.

Theme Review

  • Contacted: @acosmin, @rabmalin, @thinkupthemes, @williampatton
  • Priority: Reducing theme review queue and ensuring themes still meet a minimum level of acceptable quality control.
  • Struggle: Finding new reviewers and keeping new reviewers interested in contributing their time.
  • Big Win: Reduced theme review queue from several months to 2 weeks.


  • Contacted: @bethsoderberg, @juliek
  • Priority: Finish audit and updates to lesson plans. ETA is May 2018
  • Struggle: Onboarding to new systems, but there are some trainings planned in the near future.
  • Big Win: Moved lessons to GitHub